The 10 Minute PR Checklist - Earn the Publicity You Deserve

The 10 Minute PR Checklist - Earn the Publicity You Deserve Are You Taking Full Advantage Of Your PR Opportunities THE 10 MINUTE PR CHECKLIST Is Written For Entrepreneurs Marketing Executives Business Leaders PR Managers Students Of PR People And Organizations With An Important Story To TellLEARN HOW TO Promote Your Company, People, Products And Services Earn Press Coverage Earn Positive Press Coverage Leverage PR As A Tool To Achieve Virtually Any Business Objective Improve PR Planning Think Strategically Practice Honest, Ethical PREven If You Already Have An In House PR Team Or An External PR Agency, This Checklist Will Show You How To Improve Results.Are You Pursuing All Your Available Publicity Opportunities Are You Missing The High Impact, Low Hanging Fruit Does Your PR Convey The Proper Attitude And Responsiveness To The Media Are You Undermining Your Own Success Because Your Business Is Ever Changing, THE 10 MINUTE PR CHECKLIST Will Inspire New Ideas Each Time You Read It.Refer To This Often As A Brainstorming And Auditing Tool You Ll Discover New Ideas To Get Out There And Celebrate Your Accomplishments.Few Companies Take Full Advantage Of Their PR Opportunities Do You Ever Wonder Why Some Of Your Competitors Soak Up All The Attention From Newspapers, Magazines, Broadcast Television And Blogs What Are They Doing That You Re Not Doing Their Products, Services And People Are No Better Than Your Own The Answer They Re Probably Running A Proactive, Creative Media Relations Program Great Press Coverage Doesn T Just Happen It S Earned With Proactive Effort.Whether You Re The Founder Of A Garage Startup Or The CEO Of A Billion Dollar Publicly Traded Company, This Checklist Will Help Catalyze Your PR Efforts.WHY DOES PR MATTER Public Relations Is All About Communication It S About Controlling Awareness And Perception Numerous Distinct Groups Of Individuals Have The Power To Nourish Or Destroy Your Company Each Group Makes Decisions Based On Information Where Do Most People Receive Their Information From The Media Or From People Who Received Their Information From The Media If You Want To Influence What People Know Or Think About You And Your Company, And If You Want To Drive Positive, Viral Word Of Mouth, You Must Work With Media.At A Basic Level, Media Is Simply The Substrate Upon Which A Message Is Carried Or Conveyed The Tongue Of Your Customer, Though Word Of Mouth, Is Media The Skin That Carries A Tattoo Is Media.In Recent Years, The Definition Of Media Has Broadened, And This Presents You With Exciting New Opportunities For Message Delivery Today, It S Not Just About Working With Reporters At The Major Magazines Media Has Gone Social In Addition To Traditional Media, You Must Also Now Contend Bloggers, Customers, Prospective Customers, Competitors And Partners, Most Of Whom Participate In Social Media Platforms Such As Facebook, Twitter And Blogs These Social Media Participants Have The Power To Spread Your Message.This Checklist Won T Teach You How To Tweet On Twitter Or Write A Blog There Are Dozens Of Other Books That Will Help You There THE 10 MINUTE PR CHECKLIST Focuses On Proven Media Relations Best Practices That Will Serve You Well For Years To Come Across All Current And Future Media Outlets.In This Ebook, I Ll Share Some Of My Best Secrets Learned Over My Twenty Plus Years Experience As An Entrepreneur And A Strategic Communications Consultant I Ve Used These Secrets All Ethical And Honest To Secure My Clients And Myself Coverage In Hundreds Of Stories In Print, Radio And Broadcast Media I Ve Helped Build Great Companies With The Catalyst Of Great PR I Want To Help You Too.Learn How You Can Achieve Virtually Any Business Objective With The Help Of Smart, Strategic PR.

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  • The 10 Minute PR Checklist - Earn the Publicity You Deserve
  • Mark Coker
  • 17 September 2018

10 thoughts on “The 10 Minute PR Checklist - Earn the Publicity You Deserve

  1. Malia Johnson says:

    This is a very quick read which contains lots of marketing PR tips A touch and go on marketing if you do not have any marketing skills or knowledge, this would be a brief knowledge to gain on You would not become an expert on marketeing PR with thi...

  2. Stephen Colter says:

    A quick read that has lots of ideas and tips on marketing Everyone will find something s to help them in promoting their business or profession Even if you know your field well and how to market this one will be good as a refresher course.

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