Dragon of Doom (Endless Quest, #13; Dungeons & Dragons)

Dragon of Doom (Endless Quest, #13; Dungeons & Dragons)Your Evil Uncle Zed Has Used A Powerful Spell To Summon Shen, The Dragon Of Doom It S Up To You Figure Out How To Stop Zed From Commanding The Mighty Black Dragon To Spread Death And Destruction Across The Land.In This Interactive Fantasy, Young Readers Take The Reins For A Reading Adventure They Won T Forget

Rose Estes is the author of many fantasy and science fiction books, including full length novels and multiple choice gamebooks After contributing extensively to TSR, Inc s Dungeons and Dragons Endless Quest series of which she wrote the first six, as well as others later down the line , she wrote her first full length novel, Children of the Dragon 1985 She continued to write for TSR by writi

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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Dragon of Doom (Endless Quest, #13; Dungeons & Dragons)
  • Rose Estes
  • English
  • 24 September 2019
  • 9780786947171

10 thoughts on “Dragon of Doom (Endless Quest, #13; Dungeons & Dragons)

  1. JD Verdejo says:

    Una trepidante historia en la que te ves tentado de usar el Anillo de los Deseos de tu t o Zed, hacer como que no te ha visto una hidra, lanzar un repugnante hechizo de la Ara a Trepadora y vencer al Drag n Negro gracias a un semidrag n japon s de mierda que va en tu part...

  2. Jsrott says:

    Another decent entry in an old series There were a good number of different endings, and the way the book is written it s much harder to cheat because the choice page you turn to often has a turn to this page at the end so you have to mark extra pages The story itself is a good ...

  3. Michael says:

    My enjoyment of this Endless Quest choose your own adventure style book was limited by the book s weaknesses and also by my own assumptions for many years The author actually did a better job than I had thought, but I refused to take one of the pathways and thus missed out on a good deal of the book.The basic story is both typical for the series, but also unusually dark As is often the case, it is written from the point of view of a young adult male, in this case an apprentice magic user, being sent on his first quest by the elders of his community However, in this case you are being sent on a mission which involves you with a much powerful magic user bent on destroying the world by summoning Shen, the Dragon of Doom, whose very passage causes plants to wither and die, and whose breath weapon destroys all life in an area for 100 years During the course of the adventure, we occasionally get flashes of the ancient mind of Shen, as it wings its way reluctantly to the meeting point, and these can be very dark indeed The structural problem with much of the book is a...

  4. Heather says:

    I came across this book in a box someone had passed our way and decided I d try it simply because I used to love Choose Your Own Adventure books The format is the same read through plot elements and, as the main character, face several options on how to advance the story My first journey through the story involved decisions I would ve chosen at each intersection, ending accordingly Then I went back and, for the sake of curiosity, made alternate decisions to see how other versions of the story would turn out.This was no better or worse than similar choice books I remember, although I do have a gripe about some editing errors that are present My rating is three stars rather than two, as I think I probably would ve liked it at a younger age Although I love children and young adult books, this is not one that aged well in th...

  5. DavidO says:

    Nobody has reviewed thsi thing, so I guess I should.This book is abotu a boy magic user , the DD word for wizard, who has a tiny pet dragon that he communicates with telepathically He is supposed to go and get his uncle, another wizard, of of a prison he has been in for a thousand years and bring him home unfortunately the uncle has escaped on his own and plans on destroying the world using an all powerful dragon.The parts of this book that invol...

  6. Peregrine 12 says:

    A lot of fun if you re under the age of 13 and you can still find a copy in print

  7. Tempe O& says:

    This was always my favorite Endless Quest book as a kid It s still a hoot.

  8. Avery Stempel says:

    The dragon of doom with a heart of gold Made it through to a positive ending first try Love to choose my own path

  9. Jes says:

    I escaped an evil innkeeper, tricked a hydra with cheese, charmed a log monster, and reasoned with a grumpy old dragon This would have been a 5 star book, but the protagonist is mean to a cat.

  10. Dylan Weaver says:

    I tricked a hydra by giving it all my food.

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