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The FighterFans Of Palahniuk And Irvine Welsh Will Relish The Graphic Fight Sequences And Gritty Social Commentary Rocky Mountain News How To Allocate Your Free Time This Month Devouring Craig Davidson S Gruesome Debut Novel, The Fighter Esquire This Is Than A Stunning Debut It Reminds Me How Vacuous, Banal And Insipid Most Highly Touted Fiction Is Craig Davidson Asks And Answers Some Big, Uncomfortable Questions About The Nature Of Our Humanity The Fighter Is An Essential Novel, Destined For Cult Status At The Very Least Irvine Welsh While The Novel S Brutal Fights Will Entice Readers Of Other Virile Allegories Like Chuck Palahniuk S Fight Club, Davidson S Story Takes A Nuanced, Realistic Approach Kirkus Reviews Everything Has Been Handed To Paul Harris, The Son Of A Wealthy Southern Ontario Businessman But After A Vicious Beating Shakes His World, He Descends Into The Realm Of Hardcore Bodybuilders And Boxing Gyms, Seeking To Become A Real Man, Reveling In Suffering Rob Tully, A Working Class Teenager From Upstate New York, Is A Born Boxer He Trains With His Father And Uncle, Who Believe A Gift Like His Can Change Their Lives, But He Struggles Under The Weight Of Their Expectations Inevitably, These Two Young Men S Paths Will Cross Craig Davidson Was Born In Toronto And Now Lives In Calgary, Alberta He Is The Author Of The Acclaimed Short Story Collection Rust And Bone, Which Was Published By W.W Norton In The United States, Penguin In Canada, Albin Michel In France, And Picador In The United Kingdom From The Trade Paperback Edition.

Patrick Lestewka and

[PDF] The Fighter By Craig Davidson –
  • Hardcover
  • 249 pages
  • The Fighter
  • Craig Davidson
  • English
  • 06 May 2019
  • 9781569474655

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  1. Paul says:

    Quote They stood on the fringes, some singly, others with their backers All of them scarred or disfigured or broken in some way And their eyes the newer ones had this look of sheer psychic terror The older and mutilated showed no emotion at all faces a fretwork of scars, eyes blank as a test pattern Then there were those hovering in the middle ground., neither new nor old they had the look of men who d realized their lives were irretrievably lost and they could only await the inevitable passage into the final stage Rob Tully is a 17 year old youth, schooled in boxing from the age of ten by his father, Reuben, who sees boxing as a way out of an existence and future with no real prospects Rob is a gifted boxer, but his hearts not really in it Rob comes from a family of bare knuckle brawlers His uncle, Tommy, is one of these, who gets 15 a round as a punchbag for sparing in his local boxing gym Tommy was never a contender he is renowned for being able to take a punch, rather than delivering them Paul Harris is the spoiled, coddled son of a wealthy vineyard owner Paul s father wants his son to have everything he didn t have An education and the social privileges he himself did not have Paul wears 800 suits, drives the latest BMW and enjoys those privileges in life afforded to other young men of his class Paul is however, deeply unhappy One night, whilst on a date, Paul gets pummeled by a brute in ...

  2. Gordon says:

    Originally posted at The Velvet In Craig Davidson s debut novel having previously published some genre fiction under a pseudonym , two pugilists from opposite sides of the tracks in this case, substitute rails for the Falls of Niagara each fight for the wrong reasons Rob Tully, who came out of the womb swinging in a working class family of boxers, has no passion for the sport, though his natural skill may punch his ticket to a better life In the other corner is Paul Harris, a privileged heir who got sand kicked in his face one too many times and renounced the cushy family biz to forge his scrawny ass into steel through a cocktail of performance enhancers and general misanthropy.Plot wise, well that s pretty much it Of course things happen on the road to the middle, but the tale is the un making of these men, and the final act inevitable It s sort of the literary equivalent of one of those HBO fight pimping documentaries where they paint the opponents as Yin and Yang while crosscutting their parallel narrative paths to the ring Except this world is far brutal Sure, they train gloved in stank gyms, but all the real blows come bare knuckled in makeshift rural arenas and on city streets There s even a brief Fight Club homage, likely meant to acknowledge ...

  3. Jordan Anderson says:

    If I have learned anything about the wonderful world of fiction in the last few years, it s that Craig Davidson must be the most woefully underrated and unknown author of this generation Being on a literary kick lately has definitely broadened my horizons and introduced me to some new authors, but none have had the ability to grab me and keep my attention the same way that Davidson has.While The Fighter is his first novel under his real name discounting the Cutter and Lestewka pseudonyms , it has so far been the best although Cataract City seems to garner even favorable reviews The subject matter isn t exactly new, but unlike the overrated and far less talented Palahniuk who covered the same basic material in Fight Club, what Davidson writes is raw, brutal, and gritty, yet still told in a flowery, literary language that very few have managed to achieve For example People were jogging and dog walking along the canal He thought how easy it would be to skip the curb, accelerate across the greenbelt, slam into one of them He...

  4. Vince Darcangelo says:

    review originally appeared in the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS Fighter not quite a knockoutVince Darcangelo, Special to The Rocky Published July 27, 2007 at midnight Plot in a nutshell Davidson s debut is at once a class study, a gritty two fisted slobber knocker, and a lowbrow exploration of the world of illegal boxing In its finer moments, it delivers its dark social commentary like a right hook to the jaw At other times, particularly when describing human interactions outside the ring, Davidson telegraphs his punches The Fighter s plot unfolds through the mirrored lives of two characters Paul Harris, the privileged son of a wealthy winery owner, and Rob Tully, a working class teenage boxing prodigy Paul is pampered and apathetic in his late 20s, he still lives with his parents and works for his father Then one night, he is savagely beaten in a bar fight, causing him to take up boxing.Meanwhile, Rob is the product of a close knit and loving family Rob isn t passionate about boxing, but doesn t have any other career options Their stories intersect in a rural farmhouse that hosts brutal, underground boxing matches.Like Chuck Palahniuk s Fight Club, The Fighter features a protagonist, Paul, who disdains the softness of the 21st century male and wants to get back in touch with his primal roots Humanity has gained much through social evolution, but, the book seems to ask In shedding its most basic survi...

  5. Tony says:

    When a debut novel comes bearing blurbs from Chuck Palahniuk Fight Club , Thom Jones The Pugilist at Rest , and Irvine Welsh Trainspotting , readers should be primed for a visceral story On that count, the book definitely delivers but that s probably the best thing I can say about it.I haven t read Fight Club, but I did quite like the film version, and it s hard to get away from that 1996 novel when reading this The story here revolves around 20 something Paul, the privileged son of a farmer who reinvented himself as a winemaker, and Rob, a teenage boxing prodigy who seems destined to fulfill the dreams of his father and uncle With that kind of framework, you know their paths are going to cross, and that encounter is likely to be the climax of the book.Like the unnamed narrator of Fight Club, Paul is drifting through a comfortable but empty life After being beaten to a pulp outside a bar, he concludes that he needs to reassess what he s doing, and embarks of a course of grueling manual labor, intense gym and boxing training, and not a few steroids Meanwhile, Rob s uncle earns 15 round as a ...

  6. Ruthie says:

    Well, if you ever wanted to get into the heads of boxers, street fighters, underground fighters, roid ragers etc, this book will take you deep into the underworld of fighters and it is not s pretty place Davidson is a brilliant writer, you feel every punch, smell the blood and sense the danger and hopelessness The descriptions of the run down neighborhood were spot on Less so for me were the descriptions of the upperclass homes and their inhabitants, to me they felt cliched and is seems like t...

  7. Christy Stewart says:

    I m not well versed in the boxing combat lexicon, although I do count the WWE as one of my favorite soaps and I ve seen a handful of movies with this book s premise, but the book is written in a great way that is recognizable to those in t...

  8. Jonathan Jasinski says:

    A really entertaining read kept from 5 stars by a few deus ex machina sorta interventions.SpoilersPaul is a rich kid well, youngish adult working at his dad s company until a beatdown outside a bar convinces him he needs to toughen up and completely change his life He ends up doing steroids and training like a crazy person.Rob is the son of a poor boxing coach and has all the natural talent in the world but no passion for the sport I kinda wish Rob s lack of passion was made a bit clearer, but you do get the idea well enough.Paul ends up in an illegal bout with Rob s uncle that leaves the uncle brain dead Rob wants to avenge his uncle, beats Paul senseless, then beats his hands to a pulp in a rage over how life goes He ll never fight again.Overall I was well entertained, horrified, yet understanding of the characters and their motivations Once again, I wish Rob were a bit fleshed out, but maybe that s intentional he s like, 16, he doesn t know himself yet either The book s message on fatherhood is magnificent, subtle, and poignant both fathers hurt their children by assuming their kids want what they want, and having the two juxtaposed against each other works really really well They aren t monsters, they aren t assholes, they re...

  9. Matthew says:

    There were clear moments that showed early signs of Craig Davidson s talent some great passages and turns of phrase to describe characters and situations but it didn t add up to much.

  10. Silvia80 says:

    3,5 stellinePaul un ragazzo ricco che vive nell Ontario Durante una serata in un club, in compagnia della figlia di uno dei soci d affari di suo padre, dopo essere uscito dal bagno la trova a parlare con un tizio barbuto e robusto Immaginando quanto la sua vita fosse pi ricca del povero bestione, si sente di poterlo offendere liberamente Il tizio mal digerisce le parole e con poco lo riempie di botte Questo episodio fa riflettere Paul Quando incrocia quell uomo pieno di sete di sangue, con i suoi pugni veloci capisce che tutto ci che fino ad ora ha fatto tutto inutile, si sente un essere umano inessenziale perch un uomo non pu vivere sotto una campana di vetro Vita agiata, le migliori scuole, lavora nella tenuta del padre ma con quale ruolo esattamente A lui sono destinati i compiti anonimi, riempire il toner della stampante, ordinare il caff della macchinetta, portare in giro i clienti per far visitare l azienda Si mai soffermato qualche volta a pensare cosa vuole esattamente Adesso tempo di cambiare, diventare un alt...

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