Body Double

Body DoubleAo Longo Da Sua Carreira Como M Dica Legista, A Doutora Maura Isles J Fez Muitas Aut Psias, Mas Nunca Imaginou Que Um Dia O Cad Ver Que Veria Na Marquesa Seria Exatamente Igual A Si, A Sua Dupla Perfeita Um Exame De ADN Confirma O Facto Espantoso A Maura, Que Filha Nica A S Sia Misteriosa , Com Efeito, Sua Irm G Mea Ao Investigar O Homic Dio, A Detetive Jane Rizzoli Ir Levar Maura Numa Perturbadora Excurs O A Um Passado Recheado De Segredos Tenebrosos E Macabros Maura Quer Saber Mais Sobre A Fam Lia Que Nunca Conheceu, Sobre A M E Que A Abandonou, A Si E Sua Irm , Para Descobrir Quem Realmente Mas Estar Preparada Para A Verdade

Internationally bestselling author Tess Gerritsen took an unusual route to a writing career A graduate of Stanford University, Tess went on to medical school at the University of California, San Francisco, where she was awarded her M.D.While on maternity leave from her work as a physician, she began to write fiction In 1987, her first novel was published Call After Midnight, a romantic thriller

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Body Double By Tess Gerritsen –
  • Paperback
  • 440 pages
  • Body Double
  • Tess Gerritsen
  • Portuguese
  • 05 February 2019

10 thoughts on “Body Double

  1. Paige Bookdragon says:

    Minus one star because of Maura Isles That bitchLook The book is okay, the suspense is alright, the gory things are fun, Jane Rizzoli has evolved into something tolerable and she s less whiny now compared to the first and second book, but let s not rejoice yet people Someone just has to destroy my happiness and that is Maura.If there s such thing as a classy slut, then you gotta give it to her On the third book, The Sinner I was already giving her the evil eye because of her character Let s just forget that she s kinda depressing me with all of her whining and her insecurities Scratch that because who am I to tell you to suck it up and be a badass So no What really irked me is her skill to have the hots for every fucking hot looking guy who looked at her stared at her as if the guy is probing her soul Puta.The following are the guys who she have some attraction with.Her ex husband I can understand this one Old flame and allA hot priest They looked at each other and they developed this but it s forbidden so let s just try to ignore our attraction to each other but let s also try to tempt fate by being seeing each other as much as always relationship.A hot doctor They also looked at each other and she flushed She felt some heat creep up into her face and all that bullshit.A detective which really irritates me because she has some inkling that the guy is just helping her because she reminds him or someone and tak...

  2. Jean says:

    Body Double The title of Tess Gerritsen s fourth Rizzoli Isles thriller is what it implies Dr Maura Isles returns home from Paris feeling jetlagged and irritated after a medical conference Her flight was delayed Her baggage was lost Now she encounters a confusing, unthinkable scene as the taxi approaches her home She can t even get to her door, as the yellow police tape and squad cars block her entrance Maura is not the only one who is shocked and bewildered Everyone who sees her does a double take Why Because the victim of the shooting in front of her home looks exactly like her.As a medical examiner, Dr Isles instinctively wants answers Because of the circumstances, however, she must recuse herself from this case That doesn t mean she won t seek the truth on her own She s not entirely on her own The police are involved Detective Jane Rizzoli lends a hand, even though it is not her jurisdiction Most of the information comes from a detective in the Newton Police Department, Rick Ballard He knew the victim and agrees to do whatever he can to assist Maura My first thoughts about this book were that it is a little bit far fetched I can t even write much about it without spoilers Eventually, I decided t...

  3. Paula says:

    When a murdered woman turns out to be Dr Maura Isles s twin sister that she never knew about, Maura starts searching for answers about her biological parents The she learns, the she wonders if some things are better left not knowing This was a thoroughly captivating read wit...

  4. Jonetta says:

    Maura Isles returns home from a business trip abroad to find a very strange reception There are emergency vehicles clogging her street with neighbors and friends within the Boston Police Department looking at her as if they d seen a ghost That s because the dead woman in the car in front of her house is her doppelg nger But, she soon learns she s than a random lookalikeshe s the twin sister she never knew she had Obviously, this book grabs you from the very beginning and it never let me go Maura s pursuit of her past leads to some startling and stunning revelations, investigated by an eight months pregnant Jane Rizzoli who didn t let that slow her down one bit Maura s findings subject her to danger from unknown sources, which only heightens the anxiety There are also two other situations in play that seem to be disconnected from Maura s circumstances but deep down I knew they would eventually intersect They both were harrowing, playing to...

  5. Lain says:

    I love thrillers, but I hate the type where every page is a blood bath, and the author focuses on grossing out the reader than on trying to create a good story That s why I am so happy to have discovered Tess Gerritsen She offers a page turner that actually has a plot that makes me want to keep reading Body Double is one of my first Gerritsen books, but I wasn t hampered by the fact that I wasn t familiar with the characters The author does a great job of making everyone accessible, while not giving TOO much backstory and boring the reader Dr Isley, otherwise known as the Queen of the Dead, is a medical examiner with a cloudy background Even she isn t too sure of where she came from as she was adopted as an infant Her past catches up to her when a woman who could be her double is found shot outside her apartment Isley must discover who this woman was, who killed her, and why she s next on the list...

  6. Fred says:

    Tess Gerritsen Fans Group Link My Second Read Click on the above link to review make suggestions to other Rizzoli Isles series reads.Det Jane Rizzolli is now 8 months pregnant was married to Gabriel Dean FBI Agent by Father Brophy in The Sinner book Dr Maura Isles returns home to her Boston s suburb Brookline home Jane finds the dead body shot looking identical to Maura The body s DNA blood type matches Maura Driver license issued 4 months ago lists Anna Jessop birthdate matches Maura s but the address leads to a empty Brighton apartment They are identical twin sisters Anna Jessop s real name is Anna Leona Maura knew she was adopted, but did not know she had a twin sister She finds each were adopted for 20,000 Finds their birth mom is Amalthea Lank She s now in Massachusetts Correction Institute for 2 murders She s suspected killing woman that are 8 month pregnant selling their babies.Anna Leona got adoption papers from...

  7. Erin says:

    I think the deeper into a book series you get the harder it is to write a review Because all the things I enjoyed about the book are things that only make sense if you read the books that came before it In Body Double Dr Isles is shocked to discover that a murdered woman looks exactly like her How nuts would it be, to see your dopp...

  8. Jim says:

    The story opens with Dr Maura Isles, the Boston medical examiner, in Paris She had been attending a medical conference and now on her last day in Paris she is doing some touristy things Museums, cafes, watching the tourists, and contemplating what if Then it is back to reality Her plane is three hours late in departing, on arriving back in Boston she finds her luggage is lost, she is jet lagged Could things get any worse Yes She takes a taxi home and is dozing in the back seat when she hears the taxi driver saying something is wrong She wakes up to see police cars, lights flashing, near her house The neighbors are standing around gawking Then she sees Boston homicide Detective Jane Rizzoli Maura lives in the suburb of Brookline What is Rizzoli doing here She is even surprised by everyone s reaction They look at her like they are seeing a ghost The reason is that a woman was found shot to death in a car by Maura s house Her doppelg nger Maura is an adopted child and never knew her birth parents A DNA test confirms that the mysterious doppelg nger is in fact her twin sister and sets Maura on a quest to learn about her twin sister and the parents she never knew Growing up Maura had made up sto...

  9. Krissy says:

    My favorite of the series so far

  10. Claudia / BeautyButterflies says:

    Richtig Richtig gut Spannend und trotzdem mit genug Tiefe auch wenn immer etwas passiert und es kein bisschen langatmig oder gar langweilig wird Tolle Charaktere und ein f r mich spannender Twist am Ende den ich nicht erwar...

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