The Grass is Singing

The Grass is SingingThis Is An Alternate Cover Edition For Isbn13 9780586089248 The Grass Is Singing Focuses On The Blighted Life Of A Woman Whose Spirit Is Destroyed By A Disastrous Marriage And By The Environment To Which She Couldn T Respond More Than Any Other White African Writer Of Her Generation, Doris Lessing Is Aware Of The Seductive Cruelty Of Colonialism, And Is One Of The Strongest, Fiercest Voices Against Injustice, Racism And Sexual Hypocrisy Independent On Sunday

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  • The Grass is Singing
  • Doris Lessing
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  • 12 September 2019

10 thoughts on “The Grass is Singing

  1. Better Eggs says:

    This book is a stunning expos of why Zimbabwe has Mugabe and why he, evil as he is, is certainly no worse than that great white hope, Sir Cecil Rhodes The whites in this book, with one exception, are all devotees of Rhodes and his brand of racism Rhodesia for the whites, the blacks are suitable for being farm animals as they are all simpleminded thieves, liars and hate the white man It s the same mindset as slavery really.The grass is singing cicada songs, songs of blood, songs of freedom whispering in this hellish place on earth.Leaving aside the political inferences which are not heavily obvious in the story anyway, the book is a good read The characters are beautifully drawn, very strong and believable It begins with what happens at the end and works, in a slightly unusual way, back to the beginning and thence to that end Not light reading, but not at all dense, heavy literature.The Grass is Singing would make a great film but would be very difficult to do in this day ...

  2. Bill Kerwin says:

    Doris Lessing s first novel has the precision of a fine short story and the depth of a longer novel This portrait of the psychological disintegration of a farmer s wife saddled with an ineffectual husband on a luckless South African farm is precisely re...

  3. Dolors says:

    If this novel impresses from the very beginning it is because of the openness in which Lessing plays her cards in the first chapter The voice of the omniscient narrator glows with the clarity of objective facts that is missing in the rest of the novel, replaced by an increasingly suffocating account of two doomed lives that slowly disintegrate in polarized madness.The tragic end of Mary Turner, a white woman, in the hands of Moses, her black servant, in a remote, hostile South African hell is reported in crushing detachment by a young farmer, recently arrived from Great Britain, who cannot digest the unwritten laws of the Apartheid His silent revulsion acts like a metaphor for the unspeakable horror that has ransacked a barren, parched land that the imposed supremacy of the white civilization has failed to subjugate Showcasting an indisputable mastery of descriptive skills, the daily life of the Turners, a couple whacked without mercy by the gender and racial prejudices imposed on them by the rules of a segregated society, unfolds mercilessly in front of the increasingly horrified reader.The gradual mental decline of Mary and Dick Turner runs in parallel to the growing menace of the African landscape and its severe climatic conditions The maddening chirping of cicadas, the extreme heat that accumulates on the tin roof of the decrepit farm hut and the poisonous dynamics between nati...

  4. Bionic Jean says:

    The Grass is Singing is Doris Lessing s first novel, published in 1950 It is a savage and stark indictment of South Africa s apartheid system It is set in what was formerly Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, and concentrates on Rhodesian white culture with its racist and prejudiced attitudes The system of gross racial injustice dominates both the society and this story.The novel is told in flashback At the beginning of chapter one there is a brief news report of the murder of a white woman plus her assailant s arrest and the purported motive for the crime The rest of the book details the events leading up to this, with Mary Turner, the victim, as the main character It is many layered, the characters being not only individuals in their own right, but also types indicating the strata of complex society in South Africa at that time in history The local culture is not rich and the humiliating results of poverty are always apparent.Before the long flashback, however, we have chapter one, which is particularly hard to read The attitudes by each character, whilst varying in degrees, display such incipient arrogance and complicit acceptance of both the corrupt regime and its hidden implications, that the reader is all too aware that these views ar...

  5. Kris says:

    In her first novel, The Grass is Singing first published 1950 , Doris Lessing begins with a short description of a crime on a farm in Southern Rhodesia now Zimbabwe MURDER MYSTERYBy Special CorrespondentMary Turner, wife of Richard Turner, a farmer at Ngesi, was found murdered on the front veranda of their homestead yesterday morning The houseboy, who has been arrested, has confessed to the crime No motive has been discovered It is thought he was in search of valuables.For Lessing, the crime itself isn t of interest it seems in some ways a foregone conclusion Instead, she focuses on the intertwined hierarchies in Southern Rhodesia race, gender, class and uses her novelist s lens to dissect these hierarchies She reveals how they are formed, what holds them together, and the profound toll they take on all who live according to their rules Her first novel is unwavering in its portrayal of the damaging racial, class, and gender based power dynamics in Southern Rhodesia in the early 20th century It s all the powerful because of Lessing s intimate focus on the psychological toll taken on the thr...

  6. Mary says:

    The Grass is Singing is a novel of colonialism, human degradation, and an uncomfortable view of the prevailing attitude of a time and place, and yet, to me it was so a powerful portrait of a crumbling mind Mary Turner is a hideous woman bitter, cruel, entitled What started out as a woman s resentment over a boring farm life and a distant marriage soon turned into something deeper and much unsettling Sometimes people are broken so early in their life that it s impossible to ever be whole, and at her core, Mary Turner was ruined long before adulthood and her neurosis was merely the lid on a simmering pot of rage and hurt The book opens with her murder we know she s doomed We watch as she flails and unravels and in the end, perhaps, finds some kind of distorted relief This is Lessing s portrayal of a woman without a choice a child without a choice a people without a choice The farm fails, the marriage fails, Mary Turner s brain fails Apartheid fails The atmosphere in this book is sweltering, suspenseful, and hypnotic It s all unrelentingly heat and blinding sun and unbearable tension Something s got to give The ineffectual trying trying trying Mary Turner tried,...

  7. Zanna says:

    Re read after about 7 year s break.One of the unusual things about this, Lessing s first published book, is the extreme omniscient author position she takes She describes a character s appearance to others, then swoops into her psyche to reveal her thoughts She describes someone s response to another person s expression and then jumps to his companion s view of him To emphasise her power even further, she shifts from objective descriptions of the landscape to characters experiences of it However, there is one threshold she will not cross, and it is into the minds of black characters, usually referred to in author voice and by white characters as natives.I think Lessing has adopted this position, and drawn attention to it, and made an exception to it, to emphasise white supremacist arrogance and ignorance in general, and to acknowledge her own limited perspective as a white writer In the opening chapter, we find this about the black man, Moses, who will be executed for murdering the white woman, Mary People did ask, cursorily, why the murderer had given himself up There was not much chance of escape But he did have a sporting chance He could hav...

  8. Carol says:

    It is by the failures and misfits of a civilization that one can best judge its weaknesses Author Unknown 4.5 Stars I was shattered with the outcome of this novel Disturbing Unflinching Compulsively readable.

  9. Robin says:

    Colonialism in southern Africa both sides left in destruction Doris Lessing, winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for literature, tells the incredibly haunting story of the disintegration and descent into madness of Mary and her husband Dick Turner, simultaneously revealing the scathing truths of apartheid ruled life in Rhodesia This was her first book, published in 1950 What a debut I m stunned, I have goosebumps I m unfit to do this book justice, to convey the claustrophobic, solitary descent the Turners take in the unbearable heat of their barren, hopeless farm and tin roofed house The beginning of this book reveals the end Mary is found murdered by her houseboy , a native worker named Moses The book then backs up a good fifteen years, when Mary is younger and living a rather enviable, independent life It explains how she ends up choosing to marry, and the slow, hot, soul destroying existence she shares with her husband on their farm And it tells the story of her murder, and all that contributes to this tragic violent end.You get a clear idea of the rigid class system rich white colonists at the top, followed by poor whites, then Afrikaners, and then blacks Constantly toiling, yet ine...

  10. Dem says:

    2.5 Stars The Grass is singing by Dorris Lessing was a bookclub read.I found the book an ok read, I liked the setting of the novel and thought the author conveyed an excellent sense of time and place The story at the core of this novel is about race and the racist attitudes of society at this time in Southern Rhodesia.The book is a challenging read and I found the characters quite dislikable and a relentless air of doom and gloom about the plot.The novel opens with the announcement in a local paper of the shocking news that Mary Turner wife of Richard Turner, a farmer at Ngesi was found murdered on the front verandah of their homestead yesterday morning The houseboy, who has been arrested has confessed to the crime No motive has been discovered It is thought he was in search of Valuables., While I felt the Novel was extremely well written in places I never really felt the author gave...

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