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Vanity FierceGraeme Aitken S Last Novel Was Fabulousin Fifty Ways This Novel Is Fabulous In Fifty Different Waysbitchy, Funny, Camp, Tender, Vain, Glamorous, Capricious, Seductivelike Sydney Itself Where This Tale Of The City Is Set The Ultimate Comic Novel Of Gay Sydney Armistead Maupin Meets Melrose Place At The Mardi Gras Stephen Spear Is Everyone S Golden Boy Including His Own Blond, Blue Eyed, Blessed With Every Talent And Advantage, He Has The World Falling At His Feet And He S Ready To Trample All Over It When Stephen Falls For Ant, The Only Gay Man He Knows Who Still Has Chest Hair, He Is Astounded To Find His Desire Unrequited Or Is It Ant Is So Inscrutable, It S Impossible To Be Entirely Sure But Stephen Is Determined To Get His Man And If The Wiggle Of His Cute Butt Isn T Enough, Then Scheming, Lying And Manipulating Is Second Nature To Him He S Too Young To Realise That Love Can Be Tricky Enough Without Adding Any Extra Complications Vanity Fierce Is A Love Story That S Big On Outrageous Schemes, Dark Secrets And Firm Muscles.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Vanity Fierce book, this is one of the most wanted Graeme Aitken author readers around the world.

[Ebook] Vanity Fierce By Graeme Aitken –
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  • 07 October 2018

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  1. Experiment BL626 says:

    CAUTION Long ReviewIf you have read 3 5 romances, then you have read at least one where one of the obstacles, if not the obstacle, is a friend of the couple who has an unrequited love for one of the couple That friend is often meddlesome, selfish, and rude, serving as a contrived proof that the couple belongs together Stephen Spear is that friend, and he s worse.This isn t really a mm romance the tag is for my benefit I only tagged it as such because the book focused entirely on Stephen and his romantic troubles of his own making Gay relationship fiction is the best I can describe this book.The ProtagonistIt only took a few seconds reading the book to understand why it is titled Vanity Fierce Stephen was fiercely vain No, he was not an anti hero anti heroes deep down beneath their prickly exterior care about people despite their effort not to Stephen was a villain through and through, a classic example of narcissism.Since Stephen is the MC, the book is about him and his romance and I use the term very loosely as he tries to get the man he wants I initially empathized with Stephen because of his overbearing, high maintenance mother who is the giant reason for why Stephen the way he is However, I quickly stopped when he met his romantic interest, Ant, and used subterfuge after subterfuge to attain Ant s heart The biggest reason why Stephen was hell bent on Ant was because no one...

  2. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    This book was a read to review for Net Galley, and I really tried to finish it I really did The problem is, I hated it I hated it so much I DNF at 40% The premise of the book is as follows Stephen Spear is a golden boy Everything comes easily for him, and he is universally adored by everyone at his high school He is athletic, good looking, and son of a famous actress When he moves out on his own and becomes infatuated with his neighbor, Anthony, he is shocked and dismayed to find out that Anthony seems to have zero romantic interest in him The plot sounds pretty interesting right I thought so too I was excited for a funny as the blurb promises romantic comedy about a boy who gets humbled and then falls in love with his neighbor I read this book the first day I got it on my Kindle However, what the book fails to mention in the blurb is that Stephen is a sociopath He is just 100% cold hearted and psychotic He doesn t care who he hurts and who he steps on And he steps on people repeatedly throughout the book, using everyone...

  3. Cryselle says:

    The odd genre listing is because while Vanity Fierce was a contemporary when it was new 1998 , it s definitely a look at a very specific time, and simply isn t transportable into current day Which is fine we need periodic reminders of what went before, because it affects our world now.Our protag, Stephen, introduces himself to us while he s in the Australian equivalent of high school and brings us along for the next few years of his life in Sydney, while he s exploring his sexuality and trying to find his place in the world Not that this is really a coming of age story either Stephen isn t that introspective He is a lot of fun though.He s cheerfully amoral, with most everyone he meets getting wrapped around his little finger in short order He s not manipulative so much as able to see what people would like to do and then making it very easy for them to do it, particularly if it s to his benefit Some of his late teen exploits are coffee snort inducing Do you want to preserve your sister s virginity he asks the wide eyed brother of the nymphet he s chastely dating, and the boy can t get on his knees fast enough He builds a reputation as the over achieving golden boy with a bright future ahead of him, the joy of his aging actres...

  4. Sammy Goode says:

    Stephen fancied himself in love or perhaps it was the idea that Ant was a conquest someone who held him at arm s length when he had always been the golden boy With an actress for a mother and a distant father whom he suspected was a closeted homosexual Stephen was able to drift through his life, never really having to take responsibility for himself or his actions.He was a careless, young, handsome boy who left a string of one night stands in his wake until he crossed paths with the somewhat mysterious and aloof Ant And so began a full force infatuation that would morph itself into a deep abiding love that would cross continents and stand up to AIDS in its attempt to reunite with the one it loved.Vanity Fierce by Graeme Aitken is a sweeping novel about a quirky young man who sets himself on a path of self discovery Along the way, he begins to understand that in his desire to be self serving and remain in control of his destiny he has failed to see the very man whom he is destined to love and in fact, he realizes too late that it is he who must make drastic changes if he is ever to be happy ever to be loved ...

  5. Casey Carlisle says:

    This was a nice break away from my typical reads, and it was great to see Sydney shine through the text Getting a glimpse into a life far different from my own, shedding a humorous eye over the darker side of the Kings Cross and Darlinghurst gay scene in the nineties a truly surprising novel There were times when it started to drag especially in excerpts from the novel featured within the story, but on the whole thoroughly entertaining I applaud the usage of this to take a peek into a different view of events even though both points of view could be considered unreliable but felt if small chunks were highlighted rather than entire chapters the pacing of the book would have kept its momentum Told through Stevens point of view, who is unashamedly self important and self obsessed neglects to see the big picture in a lot of things and so begins his rollercoaster ride through love and life especially when his intentions are spurned by the one guy he wants Ant Anthony Stephen is not used to rejection and this fuels his obsession.There are plenty of colourful characters...

  6. Elisa Rolle says:

    With the title literary reference, I was expecting for Vanity Fierce to be a metaphor on how beauty is not all in life but indeed I have the feeling that Stephen, the golden boy whose life is the center of the novel, didn t catch the moral theme of his story, and I m pretty sure he is still convinced that being the beautiful of the batch is the ultimate solution The fact is that, he is so sure of his persuasion that the reader admittedly has to agree with him, and while he is probably the most unlikable character you can find in a novel, you cannot avoid to like him.The son of a mediocre actress and a mediocre lawyer, Stephen didn t have much trouble in being the beau of the ball while he was in high school, and he managed pretty well in maneuvering all people around him to his own dance When he goes to college, Stephen decides that he is in love with his neighbor Ant, a young man who was already badly hurt by another golden boy and that is weary to be burnt again While Ant is searching Kip, his ex, in all the blond hair blue eyes boy of Sidney gay neighborhood, he ...

  7. Rodeweeks says:

    This was wild All that shit that happen because of the main character not being able to say what he feel Be honest with each other people Very good, I ve enjoyed every tense moment of it.

  8. Jonathan Solomon says:

    This book is of its time, a snapshot of an almost golden era of Sydney life in the 1990s I really enjoyed reading this novel and a big part of what drew me in was the gossip like storylines and personalities This novel is in some ways like an encyclopaedia of gay life Stephen Spear as a character can be quite unlikeable and it is unusual for me to read novels where an unlikeable character is telling the story T...

  9. Jay says:

    Possibly one of my favourite books and I am still kicking myself for turning down a job to worth with the author in his bookshop in Sydney , Vanity Fierce deals with some dark themes but still remains upbeat and funny throughout Despite doing some awful things to achieve his ends or get his end away with the man of his dreams, as the case may be the main character is ...

  10. Andrew says:

    Hilarious, enjoyable and very funny A rare book which had me needing to read it each day I read most books on the train to work and put them away when I get home, but this one I could not put down Stephen s antics in his love quest with the too hot for words Ant were something I m sure we have all done sometime in our early youth.So far I ve read it twice, but that ...

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