Unraveling Charlie

Unraveling Charlie Donald McLean Was Twelve Years Old When His Older Sister S Favorite Teacher Charlie Schoeler Asked If He Wanted To Go To The Beach Within A Month Mr Schoeler Began Molesting Him It Was An Act That Would Be Repeated Many Times In The Next Three And A Half Years Despite This, Mr McLean S Approach To Having Been Molested As A Child Is Very Different From The Accounts We All Hear From Other Victims He Not Only Grew Up Strong And Astoundingly Normal, But He Maintained A Curiosity About His Molester That Enabled Him Not Just To See Him As The Sick And Destructive Person He Was, But To Appreciate The Disease That Lay Behind The Horror Even To Establish An Adult Relationship With Charlie, Who Had Become By Then The Drunken, Disturbed, Powerless Figure Who Had Always Lain Behind The Artificial Mask Of Power.Mr McLean Takes The Reader Through The Initial Years, When He Was Subject To Charlie S Whims, Through The Time When The Teen Aged Boy Began To Grasp The Insidiousness Of What Was Happening That Understanding Was What Allowed Him To Escape, To Become A Well Adjusted, Full Grown Man, One Who Has Been Happily Married For 25 Years.But The Effects Of The Years Between Twelve And Fifteen Had A Great Impact On Don S Life It Took Him Until His Mid 20s Before He Started Putting His Life Back Together He Spent A Number Of Years As A Drug Dealer, Had Difficult Relationships With Girlfriends And Most Of The Other People In His Life He Was Even Largely Cut Off From His Large And Close Family For Some Time Children Who Endure The Kind Of Sickness That Charlie Schoeler Brought Are Often Warped For All Time.But This Is What Is So Different About Donald McLean And His Life He Was Able To Break From Charlie And Assert A Level Of Power And Independence, To Lead An Extremely Satisfying Life He Is Able To See Charlie Through Clear And Even Sympathetic Eyes.This Is Called A Fictionalized Memoir Names Have Been Changed, Some Characters Have Been Merged But Don Is Real And Charlie Schoeler Was Real The Acts In This Book Happened As Described That Mr McLean Presents It Without Rage And With Understanding Makes This Volume Unique.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Unraveling Charlie book, this is one of the most wanted Donald McLean author readers around the world.

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10 thoughts on “Unraveling Charlie

  1. Laura says:

    I thought this book was a very well written book I read it quickly as it flowed along smoothly..it was able to portray the insecurities and the doubt, the rage and the confusion all without being drawn down into those feelings without being overwhelmed by them I wanted to just give Don a hug and tell him how proud of him that he stood up for himself and didn t let this influence too much of his life I think it was a great ...

  2. Michelle says:

    I received this as a good reads giveaway book Thank you so much This was an incredible book I knew from the first handful of pages that I would enjoy it It was a heartbreaking story of the author growing up with the physical and emotional turmoil that comes with abuse The sto...

  3. Jake says:

    When one thinks about it, when one really puts his analytical mind to the test, Donald McLean has accomplished something amazing and it isn t what you think it is The idea of presenting a child molester, of which to most of us in society is the lowest class of criminals, as something humane and living, with real emotions, turmoil, flaws, and pathos has been done before, albeit rarely Also, the concept that Donald can, if not forgive, then at least try to at least understand his abuser is the hope and practice of many psychotherapist and patients across this land Also that fact that Donald couldn t understand his abuser is also to be understandable No What is really amazing about this book is that the Donald tries to exhibit Charlie for us to see, the we understand Donald and his flaws, his loves, his morals, and his life This book, when said and done, is about the revealing of Donald, not the unraveling of Charlie This book is about the beauty of the adolescent mind, it s ability to marvel at the unraveling world around it, and find it exciting, scary, beautiful, dark, depressing, and breath taking all at the same time, despite the very adult world and fears that surround it It isn t hope that drives Donald It isn t even want to end the abuse though, of course, ...

  4. Yamilé Nadra says:

    In an almost lifelong research about sexual abuse not a very long life, but still , I ve read an important share of memories about these kind of experiences, by different survivors This book was different in a positive way Even though it s called Unraveling Charlie Charlie being the predator , it is what we discover about young Donald in this book I do not want to say we don t get to know anything about the way Charlie thinks and acts But, in the end, it s no novelty What is told differently than in most other memories of CSA survivors are Donald s quest to discover that, at some extent, his conclusions, and mostly the way he expresses his experiences and feelings along the way.Abuse has caused Donald several emotional damage and tainted an important part of his formative years with a distortive way of perceing boundaries, relationships and acountability for one s actions However, because of a mixture of a strong dissociation from his traumatic experiences, and above average intelligence combined with major rationalization mechanisms, Donald also appears as unusually resilient And all of these characteristics combined, have allowed him to tell us his perceptions, rea...

  5. Rachelle says:

    This book is marketed as a fictional memoir, which I took to mean it was a fictional book written in memoir style I was surprised to learn that it is a fictionalized version of the author s own experiences This was a very well written, detailed story about Donnie, a young boy who was molested by a trusted elementary school teacher, and it follows him from the time the molestation begins...

  6. Felicia says:

    I received this book from GoodReads First Reads This book was very emotional because of the content and the fact it really happened I talked with my children about what to do if something happened to you and also some of the things that I had never thought of ...

  7. Peggy Hamann says:

    A unique memoir about a survivor of child abuse It is sad and brave It made me feel, at times, incredibly angry and also incredibly proud of the author.

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