The Burden

The Burden A Crime Of The Heart Novel About The Destructive Bond Between Two Jealous Sisters Laura Franklin Bitterly Resented The Arrival Of Her Younger Sister Shirley, An Enchanting Baby Loved By All The Family But Laura S Emotions Towards Her Sister Changed Dramatically One Night, When She Vowed To Protect Her With All Her Strength And Love While Shirley Longs For Freedom And Romance, Laura Has To Learn That Loving Can Never Be A One Sided Affair, And The Burden Of Her Love For Her Sister Has A Dramatic Effect On Both Their Lives A Story Of Consequences When Love Turns To Obsession

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[PDF] ↠ The Burden  Author Mary Westmacott –
  • Paperback
  • 263 pages
  • The Burden
  • Mary Westmacott
  • Portuguese
  • 22 July 2019

10 thoughts on “The Burden

  1. Carol She& says:

    This has been sitting half finished on my e reader for a while, so I m accepting that I may just not finish this bizarrely, since I ve had the e reader I ve been finishing all sorts of dreck that I would have tossed aside if they had been in paperback for...

  2. Moonlight Reader says:

    The Burden is the first of the books written by Agatha Christie under her Mary Westmacott nom de plume that I ve read, although it was the last one published It was published in 1956, the same year she published Hickory Dickory Dock and Dead Man s Folly.This is a very strange little book centered around Laura, the least loved child in her family Very early in the book, she has a younger, favored, brother who dies, and Laura hopes that her situation will change Her younger sister, Shirley, is born, which puts her back in the position of being less.She makes friends with a cranky local man who generally dislikes children, but sees something in Laura that is interesting He remains a constant friend and fixture in her life Initially, Laura s feelings about Shirley are decidedly negative until she saves Shirley s life at significant risk to her own, when Shirley is around 2 years old Laura becomes deeply protective of Shirley from that point on, and raises her once their parents die unexpectedly.Agatha Christie sets this up as a contrast between dark Laura and light Shirley Laura gets short shrift with her own life, dedicated essentially to caring for Shirley Shirley falls hard for a pret...

  3. Disha Acharya says:

    Since I was introduced to the wonderful world of Mary Westmacott by my Best Friend, I have always enjoyed reading her books, which of course made me, determined and want to read all six of her works What is extremely delightful is the fact that a writer who wrote such intelligent and thrilling crime novels could also write such lovely books on human relationships Everyone usually talks about how amazing a writer Agatha Christie was and that she is even today considered the Queen of Crime Fiction but hardly anyone ever talks about her Mary Westmacott novels and is the pity as the readers don t know what they are missing out on Her Mary Westmacott novels display her deep understanding of human nature I think she would put even Freud to shame What is most amazing in her novels is the fact that everything is grey with a capital G There is no black and there is certainly no white Morality is a matter of interpretation, as are matters of right and wrong This particular book deals with love, the various shades of love and how sometimes too much of love can also be a burden In Shirley and Laura s relationship we see the burden of love that Shirley has to carry as h...

  4. Andy says:

    Agatha Christies gro e Menschenkenntnis erkennt man an der Gestaltung der Charaktere.Schon der Prolog hatte es in sich Mir gef llt die kompakte, n chterne Art, wie alle beschrieben werden Sie ist in ihrer Art zu schreiben ehrlich, unerbittlich und recht kon...

  5. Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws says:

    The Burden deals with a really dark plot revolving around the bond of sisters The book had me engrossed from the beginning till the end The characters were so well drawn up that I had no trouble believing in them, flaws and all They were real to me throughout the book.

  6. Vikas Singh says:

    In this novel Agatha Christie, writing under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott looks at the complex relationship between two sisters In many ways it is a psychological analysis of behavior and motivation of two protagonists A doting but over bearing elder sister and her much younger care free ...

  7. Paloma says:

    Sob o pseud nimo de Mary Westmacott, a dama do crime Agatha Christie conta a hist ria de Laura, uma menina que est cheia de ci mes com a chegada de sua irm mais nova Shirley que amada por toda a fam lia Laura fica t o ressentida que chega a desejar a morte da pr pria irm Fugindo um pouco das suas hist rias de crimes usuais, Agatha Christie desenvolve mais o lado psicol gico dos personagens e faz v rias reflex es sobre a vida Em um determinado momento por exemplo, o personagem Llewellyn cita Kant e se faz as seguintes perguntas O que sei Que posso desejar Que devo fazer.A trama envolvente e fluida, s n o foi t o interessante para mim porque em muitos momentos fala muito de religi o e me fez perder o foco da hist ria Creio que para conhecer a obra da Agatha Christie o ideal mesmo come ar pelas hist rias assinadas com esse nome como O misterioso caso de St...

  8. Zézinha Rosado says:

    Foi a primeira obra que li de Agatha Christie fora do contexto policial thriller mist rio e fiquei surpreendida, embora n o seja um livro fant stico.Como sempre a autora tem uma capacidade fenomenal de descrever as personagens e de nos fazer agarrar o melhor de cada uma delas.Laura uma personagem deliciosa e deveras interessante, quer na sua inf ncia, quer na idade adulta.J a sua irm Shirley deixa muito a d...

  9. Ria says:

    A fascinating tale of how love can go wrong, how it can turn inwards on itself to the point of obsession.Laura always wanted to be the child most beloved but it was always Charles, when he sadly died Laura thought now was her chance to shine and be her parents all but it was not to be as her little sister Shirley was on the way.At first Laura hated her with a passion believing her to the...

  10. Cassia Watakabe says:

    Laura since childhood thought her opinions are absolute but in reality she only has a vision of the world and life is limited Her love for her parents demand reciprocal excluvity but love for her sister becomes consistent and also unpredictable that come astonishing ...

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