10 thoughts on “मुझे चाँद चाहिए Mujhe Chand Chahiye

  1. Manish Kumar says:

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  2. Nidhi Jha dua says:

    I loved this book for many reasons The major quotient can be the strong feminist approach that has been shown.This book is all about the struggle of a girl hailing from a small town and who has led entire life on her on terms and conditions Her exotic way of living was unbearable for his kith and kins and they never stood for her All she had was few friends who showed her the way, to whom she dedicated her life and the most important one she was always high on mo...

  3. Kumar Harsh says:

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  4. Priya says:

    This book gives adrenaline rush so much so that I missed some important appointments to finish it I wonder why there is no bollywood movie on it yet After really long I read a fat book with reasonably tough hindi I struggled in the begining but emotional stir it created compelled me to finish 515 pages in no time.Varsha Vashisht,a girl from tier 3 Indian city reaches the stardom in Mumbai Her life is an intersting tapestry depicting struggle,indomitable success and strong feminism in a subtle way As it is in most of the stories,Varsha discovers her feminism in her journey and with her strength of character achieves a complete synchronisation of her thoughts,speech and action A nervous but...

  5. Swaraj Yadav says:

    I was in college missed one exam for it was totally worth it thanks mudit chandra indebted forever for this gem.

  6. Kirtida Gautam says:

    This is the first novel I have read in my life For the longest time, I could not enjoy any other novel because the kind of emotional reaction I had for this work, no other work could produce in me.

  7. Ved Prakash says:

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  8. Piyush Bhatia says:

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