The Empire of Time (Roads to Moscow, #1)

The Empire of Time (Roads to Moscow, #1) There Is Only The War.Otto Behr Is A German Agent, Fighting His Russian Counterparts Across Three Millennia, Manipulating History For Moments In Time That Can Change Everything.Only The Remnants Of Two Great Nations Stand And For Otto, The War Is Life Itself The Last Hope For His People.But In A World Where Realities Shift And Memory Is Never Constant, Can One Man S Destiny Be The Deciding Factor In A War Between The Empires Of Time

David Wingrove born September 1954 in North Battersea, London is a British science fiction writer He is well known as the author of the Chung Kuo novels eight in total He is also the co author with Rand and Robyn Miller of the three Myst novels.Wingrove worked in the banking industry for 7 years until he became fed up with it He then attended the University of Kent, Canterbury, where

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  • Paperback
  • 496 pages
  • The Empire of Time (Roads to Moscow, #1)
  • David Wingrove
  • English
  • 11 November 2018
  • 9780091956158

10 thoughts on “The Empire of Time (Roads to Moscow, #1)

  1. Tudor Ciocarlie says:

    Extremely complex, but very logic and well thought, this series will be regarded as the definitive take on time travel and time travel paradoxes I love what Wingrove is doing with the past and with the alternate histories, but what really shines in ...

  2. Katie Daniels says:

    One of the best time travel novels I have ever read, hands down Where even to begin Empire of Time is set in every time period between 3,000 BC and the end of the world, and everything in between It s not a historical drama, although it includes history It s about a Rassenkampf a racial war between the Germans an...

  3. Liviu says:

    for whatever reason the author s prose just doesn t work for me here or in Chung Kuo

  4. Alex Rogers says:

    Quite well written, and interesting premise, but I hated the whole Nazis vs Russians theme, didn t like any of the characters, and ultimately didn t enjoy the story

  5. John Kerr says:

    Having recently re read most of the Chung Kuo series, I was interested to see how Wingrove handled his first major and only step away from that massive series Pleased to say that this trilogy is off to a most enjoyable start I do enjoy his writing style and, while a time travelling trope may not immed...

  6. Vladena says:

    By a male author for male readers I couldn t find any female character that would be worth mentioning The author kept reminding the existence of women as a means of procreation Also I found it quite weird that the time travelers were manipulating Hitler without them questioning the Jewish question Too much talking for my taste, almost no action Narration is in the present time but that didn t change anything on t...

  7. Kay Smillie says:

    I do enjoy books where time travel is used to change the past, over and over again This, the first of a trilogy, is in an imagined Earth where Nazi Germany and Communist Russia are in a battle to dominate the planet A battl...

  8. Russell Emmerson says:

    A clever and well written time travel adventure with real heart Can t wait to jump into the next instalment.

  9. DC Vairavel says:

    Second book in the series is interesting than the first.

  10. John Grimes says:

    Love his other series immensely, and consider it one of the better series in literatureThat being said While this new series is quite good, itsmissing something Sadly enough, I can t quite put my finger on it.It s nearly as if he wanted it to become the epic that Chung Kuo was, but realized it would become too convolutedtoo twisted in scope to get that ambitious.As it stands, this first volume, at times, left me rereading sections or whole chapters to keep up with the narrative Not a breezy read, by any measure Historical knowledge, while not necessary, can be helpful at times to understand what our history is, as compared to the events in the novelI will state, however that ...

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