Realm Knights

Realm Knights Sela Robyn Hood Red Riding Hood Captain Hook Neptune, God Of The Sea Van Helsing On Their Own, They Are Some Of The Most Powerful Beings In The Grimm Universe But Together, They Are The Realm Knights When Cronus, The Titan That Fathered Zeus, Wages War On Earth, It Falls To The Government S Newly Formed Realm Knights To Save The World But Can These Heroes Who Are Each Used To Working Alone Hash Out Their Differences In Time To Come Together And Stop An Ancient Threat

PAT SHAND writes comic books Robyn Hood, Family Pets, Charmed, Angel and pop culture journalism Sad Girls Guide, Blastoff Comics He lives in San Diego with his girlfriend and their veritable zoo of cats.

[BOOKS] ✬ Realm Knights  ✶ Pat Shand –
  • Paperback
  • 171 pages
  • Realm Knights
  • Pat Shand
  • English
  • 10 March 2019
  • 9781939683274

10 thoughts on “Realm Knights

  1. Anne says:

    2.5 starsThis just didn t do it for me.The concept was great, but there was something lacking in the execution Maybe because I was coming into the middle of the series, and I didn t know what was going on half the time Not sure It s not easy to step into graphic novels that already have a backstory in full swing, so I actually didn t rate it as low as I wanted to originally.Still.I ve jumped into plenty of comics and graphic novels, and realized that I needed to go back and find out the previous plot points And I did, because the story was so engaging that I wanted to find out what I was missing This was not the case with Realm Knights.The story was riddled with overblown cookie cutter dialogue, and the plot continually teetered on boring I forced myself to finish it in the hopes that something would eventually click.I love graphic novels, and I love fairy tales So, this should have been a win win for me.It wasn t.I won t b...

  2. Bob Milne says:

    In a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen meets Fables kind of mash up, a legend Robyn Hood , a fairy tale Snow White , a hunter Liesel Van Helsing , a warrior Captain Hook , and a protector Red Riding Hood join forces to save the world in Grimm Fairy Tales Realm Knights.What Joe Brusha and Pat Shand have concocted here is a peculiar mix of not just fictional and mythological universes, but also of genres There s some classical fantasy here, some spy fi action, and even some elements of horror Actually, it s quite heavy on the classical mythology element, with a confrontation between Cronus and Hades serving as the catalyst for the tale, and it owes a considerable debt to superhero comics in general, especially in regards to the skin tight, revealing attire.As you might expect, it s a series that looks great tons of eye candy , and which is rife with comic book banter It never makes the mistake of taking itself too seriously, and even makes some in jokes at its own expense The story is pretty solid for a graphic novel, with some interesting twists and surprises, and the genres universes actually mess surprisingly well If there s one area where I found it lacking, however, is in terms of characterizati...

  3. Crazy for Books (Stephanie) says:

    ARC provide by Dark Horse via NetGalley for an honest review. The illustrations were amazing Really easy to read I m would have kept going if it hadn t ended Looking forward to the next chapter in the story.I think Kaidan has a destiny he s not aware of yet Ca...

  4. Wendy says:

    Based on the covers of Grimm Fairy Tales, I hadn t expected much, but was pleasantly surprised when I read volume one Realm Knights takes a different spin on the fairy tales with fully realized characters as part of the real world And when Chronos returns seeking vengeance against the gods that imprisoned him, Snow...

  5. VampireNovelFan says:

    Grimm Fairy Tales Realm Knights Vol 1 Review I can always get behind a good graphic novel, and the synopsis here was practically irresistible If you re going to put a twist on classic fairy tales then sign me up Unfortunately this has happened often so it s becoming a trend That makes it harder for stories to stand out and be truly unique though a few still accomplish this.For this graphic novel I m on the fence about it I don t feel like the character s back stories are incorporated well enough for me to buy why these characters are special They aren t anything like what I knew or grew up with They really could just be anyone but that s a harder selling point That said, the story kept my interest for the most part I do want to see where things go next, but it s mostly because of a potential villain, or at least a character that is clearly in the gray territory I am curious about his motivations.All in all it s a good read to pass the time The artwork is good, though not great And there appear to be spin off stories for all the main characters toward the end of the volume where we see brief side story prequels for them Though I wasn t a fan of how throughout all of those prequels we see little notes to buy other issues to read even about their back stories I understand the marketing tactic behind it, but as someone who doesn t reall...

  6. Chris says:

    I have read a few of the Grimm Fairy Tales graphic novels, and I have liked them When I read the description of this book and saw it was going to include Snow White, Captain Hook, Robyn Hood, Van Helsing and others I had to get it I was fortunate enough to get this from NetGalley for a fair and honest review This book started out strong Kronos, the father of the Titans, has escaped from the Underworld and is in search of his scythes which will give him the power to take over the world Titans, fairy tales and gods oh my I really wanted to see where this was going I was expecting This seems like it was vol 1 of the Realm Knights series, but the whole book was a continuation of other series I felt I really should have read 3 or 4 other graphic novels to understand what was going on with the characters They each have their own series it seams, and this book picked up where the others left off, so I was a little confused at some of the references As strong as the story started out, it started to fall for me just after the midway point I still liked this, and I flew through it, but I wanted a little bit substance to the ending Thankfully, as part of the bonus content for this graphic novel was an origin story for the Realm Knights This shows us how these iconic characters came together on this team, but it just couldn t...

  7. Jennifer Madero (Boricuan Bookworms) says:

    More reviews at Boricuan Bookworms eARC Provided by Publisher via Netgalley The Realm Knights begin with the fall of Kronos when his sons defeat him many years ago By taking his two scythes, he is powerless, unable to reclaim what was his and serve revenge Once he escapes Tartarus, the world is at risk of his evil overruling once again if he manages to steal the second scythe In an attempt to stop him, the government reunites the team of Realm Knights to stop him and bring security to the people The story was interesting enough, though at times felt a bit like dragging on It had it s great quantities of action packed scenes, humorous ones, and even romantic moments here and there I got very engaged into the story when it came to the characters, but felt like they weren t developed enough I later discovered that there are other issues for each character with its own development, but I would have loved the story itself if the author would have put a bit of them in here as to get me interested in reading the rest of the issues to release or that are already out for sale Here the characters are a few known ones to us with a few twist We have Snow White, Robin Hood, Red Riding Hood, Captain Hook, and of course characters from Greek Mythology From what I saw in the drawings and some of the conversations is that they are different from their original stories, but as I mentioned above, it lacked a bit of character development and background stor...

  8. Kate says:

    Disclaimer Received this book as a free digital, advanced review copy via NetGalley.The joy, for me, of discovering a new graphic novel series is finding one where it doesn t matter where you start you still feel involved and interested therefore making you want to seek out books.Unfortunately, after reading Realm Knights the idea of reading any others in the series is way down my list of priorities This is mainly due to the author using postscript notes at the bottom of panels saying see for details or story explained in upcoming rather than a proper introduction as seen in the excellent summaries in the Fable books As a result the characters feel flat and underwhelming and the story lacks involvement.One thing that isn t flat are the breasts, with parts of this book looking like they were drawn by a 14 year old boy The one shot story is particularly bad for this It does not seem to matter that the fight scenes are a mess and incoherent as long as there s boobs Faces and heads out of proportion Who cares.Boobs Honestly thought that the comics world had progressed, but there s obviously some desks who still haven t got the memo Also, if your main idea for a book is to riff off the worlds of ...

  9. Malak says:

    I chose to read this comic because it promised to bring together multiple legendary characters together Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Robyn Hood, Captain Hook, Van Helsing are all there fighting for the survival of the human race against the raging Greek Gods.I liked what the author did with the characters He brought fairy tale characters into a modern world giving them superhero powers Also, Characters like Robyn Hood and Van Helsing who are originally male are females in this comic tipping the balance in favour of the other sex This is a great move to be anti stereotypical since most comics have only one or two females characters even less powerful and strong women.Still, the comic fell short for me since it had so many side stories that I had to already know about to understand the tension between certain characters I felt overwhelmed by the number of comics This one referred to.Another minus, is the hinted relationship between several females characters I didn t fee...

  10. Janus the Erudite Artist says:

    Curiouser and curiouser These Grimm Fairy Tales are growing on me well, mostly the ones that Patrick Shand wrote I tried the other Grimm Fairy Tales from a different author but I just got lost and confused over what was going on Anyway, so here we meet the Realm Knights They are kind of like the fairy tale and mythology counterparts of the Justice League and Avengers Pretty cool, huh The artwork, as always, is commendable I love the outfits, albeit a little revealing I love the wittiness of the characters, although it s kind of hard to identify the kind of personality each one has The one thing that I seem to have noticed from them is that they all had different agendas toward joining this organization And yet, all the reason for me to read the rest of their individual stories I ve only read Robyn Hood s story, and it makes me curious to see how she and Red Riding Hood actually met, and what history has been formed there.Aside from their own...

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