The Bobcat

The Bobcat Haunting And Lyrical, The Bobcat Is Katherine Forbes Riley S Magical Debut Novel In Which Laurelie, A Young Art Student Who Suffers In The Aftermath Of A Sexual Assault, Has Grown Progressively Isolated And FearfulShe Transfers From Her Busy City University To A Small College In Rural Vermont, Where She Retreats Into Her Vivid Imagination, Experiencing The World Through Her Art Most Comfortable In The Company Of The Child For Whom She Babysits, And Most At Ease In The Woods, Laurelie Has Shunned Any Connection With Her PeersOne Day, While Exploring The Woods, She And Her Young Charge Encounter An Injured Pregnant Bobcat And The Hiker Who Has Been Following It For Hundreds Of Miles In The Hiker And His Feline Companion, Laurelie Recognizes Someone As Reclusive And Wary As Herself The Hiker, Too, Finds Human Companionship Painful To Endure, Yet He Is Drawn To Wounded Laurelie The Way He Is Drawn To The BobcatAs Laurelie Moves Toward Recovery And Reconnection She Also Finds Her Voice As An Artist, And A Sense Of Purpose, Maybe Even A Future, Comes Into Sight Then The Child Goes Missing In The Woods, Threatening The Bobcat, The Hiker, And The Fragile Peace Laurelie Has ConstructedWith The Hypnotic Intensity Of Emily Fridlund S The History Of Wolves And Fiona McFarlane S The Night Guest, Riley Has Created A Mesmerizing Love Story, In Lush, Gorgeous Prose, That Examines Art, Science, And The Magic Of Human Chemistry

Katherine Forbes Riley is an award winning writer and computational linguist Her writing appears in many literary magazines, most recently the Wigleaf 2018 top 50 list, and in many scientific venues as well She received her BA from Dartmouth and her doctorate from U Pennsylvania She finished The Bobcat while a fellow traveler at the American Academy in Rome She lives in Vermont with her husba

EPUB ✰ The Bobcat  Author Katherine Forbes Riley –
  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • The Bobcat
  • Katherine Forbes Riley
  • English
  • 12 December 2017
  • 9781948924092

10 thoughts on “The Bobcat

  1. karen says:

    NOW AVAILABLE perhaps you will observe that this book is under 200 pages and you will think to yourself, my word what a short book i will read it quickly and be able to make some headway towards my reading goal for the year this is not the book for that.yes, it is a book short in length, but it is a deliberate, descriptive book with very little dialogue, and it needs to be savored and sat with rushing it will only ruin its mood, and in this book, mood and atmosphere are the dominant features, central than character or even plot obviously there is a plot, there are characters it s the story of a young woman s gradual healing after a sexual assault causes her to retreat from her life switching colleges, moving from the city of philadelphia to the woods of rural vermont, becoming skittish and self protectively removed from society her only company a pair of cats and the little boy she babysits, until she meets a hiker, his dog, and the titular bobcat, and is drawn out of her fear and isolation back towards companionship, trust, and recovery but it s a slow dawning journey, and there s a lot to absorb.the natural world, particularly the nurturing aspects of the natural world, is the primary focus, and the events of the novel unfold mirroring nature s steady, inevitable timetable there is much in laurelie and in her tentative relationship with the hiker that suggests the woods atmosphere of hushed suspension, a sense of things stirring beneath the soil, both restless and inexorable.the writing is gorgeous and vivid, and i especially love the way riley describes laurelie s art it made not so artsy fartsy me really want to see these pieces realized but even the most familiar situations are made all fresh and shiny when laurelie s artist s view of the world combines with riley s thick prose her vision broadened again, deluging her with an accumulation of fresh detail The motions of the hiker s fingers opening the other package The angle his neck made bent, as he worked his way in a few starved bites through one half of the enormous sandwich it contained The depth of umber where his elbow creased as he folded the rest of it carefully away, and the rigid climb of muscle up his sleeve when he stuck his hand through the open truck window and pulled out a new canvas ball Already the dog was scrambling to its feet and tearing away down the lane, and now she perceived what she hadn t before, that these were the first intricate steps of a ballet Dog running, hiker waiting, timing it before throwing the ball so low and fast that it shot past the dog and struck the ground exactly a foot ahead, and then the dog snapping it up without ever breaking stride and circling back to drop it at the hiker s is a damn good debut, reminiscent in many ways of All the Birds, Singing, and i m looking forward to reading by this author and seeing laurelie s art pieces made into their own book, please come to my blog

  2. Michelle says:

    The Bobcat by Katherine Forbes Riley clocks in at 160 pages I m sure you re thinking to yourself like I did Well, that s cool I can breeze through this book, and add an easy notch to my reading goal for the year Unfortunately, not so With this special book, you find yourself trudging through waist deep waters of gorgeous language, which deserves to be savored There is very little dialogue as the two main characters are recovering from individual traumatic experiences and find healing in the environment they have relocated themselves to as well as each other I urge you to read the story of Lorelei and the hiker that she finds one day in the woods It reminds us all of how human relationships can bring not only love, joy and companionship but, healing and new beginnings as well.Thank you to Netgalley, Skyhorse Publishing and Katherine Forbes Riley for the opportunity to read and review this book.Review Date 5 31 19Publication Date 6 4 19

  3. Linda says:

    Life soon becomes a snare that entraps us when least expected But it is the breaking free that visits the wild in all of us.Katherine Forbes Riley weaves a tale unlike what you ve been accustomed to in ordinary fiction She combines earthy prose with untapped human emotions rarely voiced The Bobcat turns the first pages with the fingertips of Laurelie Laurelie, an art major, is leaving behind a horrendous experience from the previous Fall in Philadelphia The endless miles to start fresh in Montague College in Vermont hardly blur the same reoccuring snapshots of being sexually violated at a frat house Laurelie rents a small cottage off campus and submerges completely into her art She sits daily in a local store sketching people that enter and exit Her art finds its way into creative panels of action emulating the style of Klimt, Gauguin, and even Andy Warhol She rarely makes eye contact with anyone except her art advisor at the college who encourages her to keep enhancing the panels.But out of necessity, Laurelie strikes a deal with her landlord to babysit her two year old son to help offset the cost of rent It is here that the story rises to a new level Katherine Forbes Riley moves away from encasing her characters with cumbersome names The young ward is known as The Boy who will ease Laurelie back into the sense engulfing world of nature away from the cottage They explore winding pathways and curious ponds filled with insects and small creatures Each day finds Laurelie letting down her guard and welcoming small adventures.One day The Boy notices a young man sitting near a tent and approaches him He will be known as The Hiker who will play such an integral part in this story He reveals a hidden place in the woods where an injured bobcat lay ready to give birth The little group is awestruck that the bobcat allows them to approach even after the babies are born It is this thread of deep connection that will permeate throughout the telling.The Bobcat is to be savored and read with the simple expectation of human nature in its healing, its renewal, and its quiet desire to gently be understood Like the patterned veins on each leaf, so different from one another, and yet so vital for the growth and the vitality of the whole of its parts, The Bobcat will leave you with a continuous place to revisit in your thoughts after the last page.I received a copy of The Bobcat through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Katherine Forbes Riley and to Skyhorse Publishing for the opportunity.

  4. Jenny (Reading Envy) says:

    Laurelie is an art student comfortable on her own, and even so after experiencing a sexual assault She relocates to finish college and encounters a hiker who is even connected to the natural world than she is Healing through nature, finding a voice in art, the power of connection And just enough strangeness to keep me guessing I m still thinking about the end I received an eARC of this debut novel courtesy of the author through NetGalley.

  5. Sarah says:

    The Bobcat is a pretty special debut from author Katherine Forbes Riley The Netgalley synopsis describes the novel as haunting and lyrical , and I d say that s pretty spot on We follow Laurelie, a college student and art major who has just transferred to a new college after being sexually assaulted Her new college is in rural Vermont, and she spends her time creating art and looking after the son of her landlord and landlady, a young boy called Rowan One day when Laurelie and Rowan are in the woods they spot the bobcat of the title, and meet a young male hiker who has been tracking the pregnant bobcat What follows is Laurelie s journey to recovery through her relationship with the hiker and his family and her own art.My only criticism of the novel is that it felt too short it would ve been great to spend time with Laurelie and experience of Forbes Riley s writing Otherwise, I really enjoyed this one Thank you Netgalley and Skyhorse Publishing for the advance copy, which was provided in exchange for an honest review.

  6. ❤️ says:

    What a unique little book The Bobcat is quite short in length, but packed with a lot of story, and is essentially about a young college student who, in the wake of a sexual assault, transfers to a college in a small Vermont town and chooses to interact with very few people aside from the two year old son of her landlord whom she babysits, and a mysterious hiker she meets in the woods close to her tiny cottage.There is very little dialogue throughout the book and is heavy on recounting and description This can be a difficult thing for authors to pull off, as I ve found that often books written in this style can become tedious to read and can almost feel monotonous in tone But here I found that the writing was actually very soothing to me, and in a way read kind of like a fable I think this has a lot to do to with one of the main settings of story, which is the woods, and so lent a lot of that earthy atmosphere I love in folklore and fairytales for me to conjure up in my mind s eye.What I really appreciated about The Bobcat and yes, there is an actual bobcat that features in the story, don t worry is that it s a story about a survivor of rape that doesn t focus on her attacker or the crime There is nothing about the character of Lorelei or what happened to her prior to the beginning of the book that is gratuitous or that makes her character feel like the only characteristic she has is that of being a rape victim Rather, it s about how she navigates life afterward her process of healing sometimes without even realizing she s healing , and she is undoubtedly a multifaceted young woman At times the story went places I couldn t have expected this is not a twisty book by any means, however , but it somehow made sense And it kept me on my toes given there was such a small amount of back and forth to keep up with otherwise.This was a really refreshing read, as it s quite different from the usual, and I d highly recommend it for those who like their literary fiction to be filled with lovely, absorbing prose Thank you to the publisher for allowing me to read an advanced copy of The Bobcat in exchange for an honest review.

  7. Kirsty says:

    Strange, beguiling, and really rather beautiful.

  8. Madeline says:

    Another book so gorgeously written that I don t even know how to sum up my thoughts. Forbes Riley s language is so lush, descriptive and magical She makes nature come alive, and captures the emotions felt by Laurelie, our main character, perfectly I originally requested this book because I was curious about a book that focused on a college student, especially one who is an art student and a survivor of sexual assault I so rarely read narratives about college students, and as a recently graduated art student, I gravitated towards this book I admired how Forbes Riley described Laurelie s artwork, and clearly put a lot of thought into what it meant, and what artistic references were made Her beautiful language only made it easier to envision Laurelie s thought process, and the work she created.Laurelie herself is expertly rendered While this book is quite short, it definitely benefits from a longer reading process as we bear witness to an intense period of growth and learning in Laurelie s life I absolutely loved seeing the small moments of change in Laurelie how she might interact with men in her life, or when she enters a public space And of course, her acceptance and friendship with the hiker, who she meets one afternoon in the woods, and his bobcat was beautiful to read about The two of them fit together so perfectly, in an unexpected manner This novel was just a great reading experience, and the story contains so many beautiful moments And while the language and character studies are beautiful, there is also an interesting plot that begins to develop as the book goes on, leaving us with a very satisfying ending in my opinion Forbes Riley addresses so much in this small book from relationships and fear to the environment, and acceptance and I am in awe of her talent I just loved this book so much, and I am super excited to see what she will write in the future Also, congratulations to this book for being on the long list for the 2019 First Novel Prize from the Center for Fiction I m rooting for this book Thank you to Edelweiss and Skyhorse Publishing for providing me a digital advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  9. Meg - A Bookish Affair says:

    The Bobcat is the story of Laurelie, a young woman, who upends her entire life after suffering a sexual assault She just wants to feel safe again and leave everything behind She runs to a small Vermont town where she hopes to be fully ensconced in classes When she takes on a job watching the son of a school official, it will change the course of her life I really enjoyed this story The characters are great Laurelie starts out not wanting to put herself out there She is content to live in the small, isolated cabin that she is renting She throws herself into work and the care of her young charge I really felt for her reading what she had to go through The way that the author writes her plight and her feelings and flashbacks really got to me The secondary characters are great as well like the hiker who shakes Laurelie s life up when he enters The chemistry between them is oh so good and really great to read I really enjoyed seeing their relationship unfold.While I loved the story, I really enjoyed the writing of the book Riley definitely has a unique way of writing and it really carried the story One thing that I noticed is that at first the author really does not use any other characters names in the book It was a really interesting choice and by my own interpretation, it felt like it signified Laurelie not wanting to interact with the world It is easier for her to refer to others as the child or the bobcat or the hiker Giving things or people names feels much personal and she is not ready for that when the book opens as she is struggling with her own memories The writing is also really lovely in many places throughout the book such as when the author is describing the woods that surround Laurelie.This was a great book and I really am looking forward to seeing what else the author writes

  10. Angie Kim says:

    I love gorgeous prose and magic realism, and the two combined together make for an amazing reading experience

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