Cant Hurt Me

Cant Hurt Me For David Goggins, Childhood Was A Nightmare Poverty, Prejudice, And Physical Abuse Colored His Days And Haunted His Nights But Through Self Discipline, Mental Toughness, And Hard Work, Goggins Transformed Himself From A Depressed, Overweight Young Man With No Future Into A U.S Armed Forces Icon And One Of The World S Top Endurance Athletes The Only Man In History To Complete Elite Training As A Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, And Air Force Tactical Air Controller, He Went On To Set Records In Numerous Endurance Events, Inspiring Outside Magazine To Name Him The Fittest Real Man In America In Can T Hurt Me, He Shares His Astonishing Life Story And Reveals That Most Of Us Tap Into Only 40% Of Our Capabilities Goggins Calls This The 40% Rule, And His Story Illuminates A Path That Anyone Can Follow To Push Past Pain, Demolish Fear, And Reach Their Full Potential.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cant Hurt Me book, this is one of the most wanted David Goggins author readers around the world.

[BOOKS] ✫ Cant Hurt Me  Author David Goggins –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 290 pages
  • Cant Hurt Me
  • David Goggins
  • 14 October 2018

10 thoughts on “Cant Hurt Me

  1. Christopher Lei says:

    David Goggins has become the ideal in which I measure my own character and discipline He basically has done what Jordan Peterson prescribes in his teachings in the most badass way possible Wisdom and courage personified.

  2. Tim says:

    Warning I think I missed something and, as a result, this review will not be popular.I appreciate the fact this book recharged me It forced me to take a look around and realize where I am taking short cuts For that, I am grateful for the individual stories of grit and determination.However, I started this book expecting, as the publisher promised, a path that anyone can follow toreach their full potential When I finished, I found that the book was only one dimensional The stories demonstrate how the author achieved his full potential physically Is that the author s full potential What about the areas where this didn t work Are we not going to talk about his two failed marriages Are we not going to talk about how he failed to achieve his dreams in both the SEALs and an elite Army unit Are we not going to talk about how ...

  3. Sarah Lumos says:

    OH MY GOSH DAMN This book was such an unexpected treasure and I am shocked it does not have ratings Guys, you need to read this book It was one of the best books I have ever read I would recommend giving the audiobook a try It is part audiobook and part podcast In between chapters, Goggins actually gives new insight and commentaries on his extraordinary life.Goggins was not meant to amount to much He was supposed to become another statistic Instead, through sheer work ethic and will power, he became a Navy Seal, motivational speaker, and athlete This is not your typical self help book I love reading self help books like this because you know they came from a person who has lived through the struggle He is a living example of everything he talks about in this book.I love and admire Goggins s passion, grit, and resilience His ability to push past discomfort to be all that he can be is astounding I know I am raving about this book like crazy, but it really was life changing Like, OH MY GOSH Anybody can benefit from this book For instance, I was reading this book from the perspective of a student who really wants a career in academia If I wanted to pursue something like that, it would require great self discipline and focus This book helped me see how I can push past discomfort to achieve m...

  4. *Swaroop* says:

    The Can t Hurt Me mentality From the time you take birth, you become eligible to die You also become eligible to become a warrior I hope you are ready It s time to go to war Can t Hurt Me is all about, as the subtitle of the book states, mastering the mind and defying the odds This book is the inspiring story of David Goggins his struggle during childhoo...

  5. Gareth Otton says:

    I m of two minds about this book On the one hand, it s an inspiring story of a man who has overcome a lifetime of struggle and proved that you can do anything if you re willing to push yourself In the first half of the book especially this was a message that resonated with me and made me think about David Goggins as a man to look up to On the other hand, it s a cautionary tale of a man who is so stubborn he can not learn from his past mistakes He is constantly going into situations underprepared and then pushing his body past the point of sanity in order to accomplish a goal and seemingly expecting applause for that Were he in some life or death situation then I might just give him said applause, but instead, he is always just trying to prove something to himself which is a really unhealthy way to go through life Overall there were two main lessons to take from Mr Goggins story One is that if you really put your mind to a task you can achieve the impossible The second is that there is nothing admirable about taking the path of highest resistance just for the sake of personal pride Yes, Mr Goggins has achieved amazing ...

  6. John says:

    Amazing life story I ve been soaking up all I can about David Goggins since I first saw him on Joe Rogan in August 2018 The audiobook is great part book, part podcast There are some extra stories in the audio version that are not in the printed book, which comes out on Dec 4.Thank you, David

  7. Theresa Alan says:

    The only way to guarantee failure is to quit right now This book will make you feel extremely guilty for skipping your workout Ever I think people who run the 26 mile marathons are out of their minds I had no idea what levels of athletic lunacy are out there, like running on broken legs or running 100 miles in 36 hours in the hottest place on earth in July David Goggins, after losing 109 pounds in three months, managed to become a Navy SEAL After that, he just kept looking for new ways to challenge his body as a way to harden his mind He spent his first few years of life with a father that beat him and his mother They escaped that to move in with his grandparents in a small Indiana town where he was the only black kid in school and both kids and adults spewed the n word at him He grew up angry and cheated his way through school until he wanted to join the military and realized he d be tested, and he needed to pass high school His senior year he got his academic life in order and, with the help of a tutor, went from having a third grade reading level to the reading level where he should have been.This book is extremely heavy on the mastery of the mind to do physical things that the majority of us will never even want to do Goggins really glosses over his marriages and the fact he became a father It s...

  8. Paul Petrone says:

    I read this book in one day Certainly is interesting.That said, I worry about the message I agree with his point to a point But life isn t always about just pushing yourself to the point of breakdown It s also about acceptance.In the last chapter, he does talk about that But I still think he has to go in his journey in life He s accomplished a lot and has done a lot of good and I sincerely thank him for his service but I hope for ...

  9. Jarrod Kane says:

    Pain gain.This book is only about pushing past pain, taking pain meds, and constantly being in unbelievably stupid situations purely because he thinks Pain gain.There are multiple times where if others were not around to save him, he would have died.I gave the first 25% of the book a benefit of the doubt that Goggins would get smarter, but as the book and his life progressed what you re reading is a story about someone who is never prepared, and always just pushing through pain even to his own detriment It feels like he never actually learns.Goggins will never not take the opportunity to say that he was the first to do something.Never winning, never being the 1 40 warrior that he talks about and that s all because he does not see anything then having to constantly push past pain as his only ability.I m sure others will thi...

  10. John says:

    This book is the epitome of pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps A decade ago when he burst onto the ultra racing scene I found Goggin s story a powerful paradigm shift in my own life It s a testimony to what s possible, an assault on absolutely ANY excuses you can i...

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