The Truffle Underground: A Tale of Mystery, Mayhem, and Manipulation in the Shadowy Market of the World's Most Expensive Fungus

The Truffle Underground: A Tale of Mystery, Mayhem, and Manipulation in the Shadowy Market of the World's Most Expensive FungusBeneath The Gloss Of Star Chefs And Crystal Laden Tables, The Truffle Supply Chain Is Touched By Theft, Secrecy, Sabotage, And Fraud Farmers Patrol Their Fields With Rifles And Fear Losing Trade Secrets To Spies Hunters Plant Poisoned Meatballs To Eliminate Rival Truffle Hunting Dogs Naive Buyers And Even Knowledgeable Experts Are Duped By Liars And Counterfeits This Expos Documents The Dark, Sometimes Deadly Crimes At Each Level Of The Truffle S Path From Ground To Plate, Making Sense Of An Industry That Traffics In Scarcity, Seduction, And Cash.

Ryan Jacobs is an investigative reporter who has written for The Atlantic, Mother Jones, and Pacific Standard, where he serves as deputy editor and oversees the magazine s investigations desk Before joining Pacific Standard, he covered international crime for The Atlantic s global channel, reporting on the largest diamond heist in French history, international carbon market scams, and the dark si

[Ebook] ↠ The Truffle Underground: A Tale of Mystery, Mayhem, and Manipulation in the Shadowy Market of the World's Most Expensive Fungus Author Ryan   Jacobs –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Truffle Underground: A Tale of Mystery, Mayhem, and Manipulation in the Shadowy Market of the World's Most Expensive Fungus
  • Ryan Jacobs
  • English
  • 13 March 2018
  • 9780451495693

10 thoughts on “The Truffle Underground: A Tale of Mystery, Mayhem, and Manipulation in the Shadowy Market of the World's Most Expensive Fungus

  1. Randal White says:

    Who knew Who knew that a simple fungus could lead to assaults, the murder of dogs, robberies, fraud, and A mushroom, highly sought after by chefs all over the world, causes untold damages to people all over Italy and France In fairness, growing up in Wisconsin, l mushrooms were the truffle of our time People guarded l honey holes with a great deal of secrecy But I never heard of anything like the extreme behaviors the author documents From the simplest farmer, to multi national corporations, everyone involved in the pursuit of truffles seems to go a bit wacky Granted, there s a good deal of money to be made, but what in the world gets into people The author has written an intriguing look into the truffle world I found myself just shaking my head at some of the antics he describes It s really too bad While I think truffles are okay, I also think that they are highly overrated Just another status symbol for people to hold over each other s heads, like who has the biggest and best boat, car, or the rarest wine.

  2. Janet says:

    I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher, as I do not regurgitate the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it.A thrilling journey through the hidden underworld of the world s most prized luxury ingredient Beneath the gloss of star chefs and crystal laden tables, the truffle supply chain is touched by theft, secrecy, sabotage, and fraud Farmers patrol their fields with rifles and fear losing trade secrets to spies Hunters plant poisoned meatballs to eliminate rival truffle hunting dogs Naive buyers and even knowledgeable experts are duped by liars and counterfeits Deeply reported and elegantly written, this page turning expos documents the dark, sometimes deadly crimes at each level of the truffle s path from ground to a plate, making sense of an industry that traffics in scarcity, seduction, and cash Through it all, a question lingers What, other than money, draws people to these dirt covered knobs I am a total food addict but truffles do not float my boat I prefer a good cremini mushroom, truth be told Chocolate truffles are a whole other story The book was fascinating and I learned a lot about truffles and how they are harvested and distributed sold Truffles are a weird subject to read about being honest but I really enjoyed the book and I think any foodie would as well.As always, I try to find a reason to not rate with stars as I love emojis outside of Instagram and Twitter so let s give it

  3. Patricia says:

    I wonder how many people have never tasted a true truffle after reading this book First of all, much to my chagrin I have never tasted a truffle which makes it very hard to understand their appeal The truffle industry is filled with crime and people who do not speak the truth This is an interesting book which I think will appeal to many people.

  4. Idarah says:

    Review can be found here

  5. Megon says:

    This book was great, and it may have ruined me It was very well written and gave plenty of juicy tidbits and insight into an industry that I never thought much about It was entertaining and educational at the same time I loved the history as well as the crime If I could have wished for anything it would be for there to be of it, and maybe some better advice about getting the real thing I ve never had a fresh truffle, but I enjoyed my truffle salt until I found out it was probably fake.

  6. Stephanie says:

    The book s subtitle A Tale of Mystery, Mayhem, and Manipulation in the Shadowy Market of the World s Most Expensive Fungus gives you a pretty good idea of what s to come It really isn t an exaggeration I always knew that truffles were an expensive luxury and that they were difficult to harvest, but I never realized how insanely competitive the truffle market really is.This incredibly well researched and well written expos delves into the dark side of the truffle business a world where the truffle supply is filled with secrets, sabotage, fraud, thefts and Many will be surprised to learn how antiquated the truffle business is, considering how expensive and sought after the delicacy is The harvest of a great truffle is based on the whims of nature, a bit of luck, and old fashioned know how, than on anything science can predict.Jacobs does a great job of profiling all the steps it takes to bring a truffle from the dirt in the ground to the most expensive tables in the best restaurants in the world The journey is intriguing and the characters are straight out of crime novels Some of the tales that this book tells read like a murder mystery fiction than a culinary non fiction book I mean, seriously planting poisoned meatballs in the hopes of eliminating a rival s truffle hunting dog Could anyone even make this stuff up But it s all true The truffle business is BRUTAL and incredibly flawed and Jacobs does a masterful job of bringing it all to life I know that not everyone enjoys single subject culinary histories like I do I devour them pun intended Some, I admit, can be pretty boring, while others are surprisingly entertaining Luckily for me, The Truffle Underground falls into the latter category Jacobs is an investigative reporter and it really shows in the research evident in the book However, what makes this book stand out among many other similar nonfiction books is that amongst all the facts and quotes and interviews, there s an incredible story going on and Jacobs skillfully weaves that into his hard boiled facts.Food lovers will really enjoy this look into the world behind the truffle although they may not be too happy to hear that their truffle salts and truffle oils are most likely fake For those that are less food obsessed, this book is interesting and engaging enough that many will still find lots to enjoy Thank you to the publisher, Crown Publishing Clarkson Potter, and NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

  7. Onceinabluemoon says:

    4.5 I know nothing off truffles, never even tasted one, but after this book it s time I remedy the situation Learned loads, like best avoid the oils as they are just faux chemicals and even if you think you are trying an authentic Italian truffle, imposters abound It s an entire culture I knew nothing about, but it s cutthroat and heartbreaking, from murder to the killing and theft of too many dogs to count Love reading, it exposes you to things you didn t even know you needed to know And now taste

  8. Sandra Fallico says:

    Awesome book..well organized, well written, loved the science, the mystery , the characters..appreciated the education and the flow from start to finish I was initially dubious as to what there could possibly be to write about truffles but ultimately found it fascinating and could not put it down..Recommend it for a fun educational attention grabbing read And of course, a must read for foodies, which I am not

  9. Sloane Mcnulty says:

    So far finding that you don t need to love truffles OR true crime to enjoy this book Ryan Jacobs hits the perfect balance between giving you context to get where he s taking you and keeping you on the edge of your seat Can t wait to continue reading

  10. Koen says:

    Absolutely fascinating I must admit, going in to this book, I knew jack about truffles I ve never even tasted them and i wasn t particularly interested in them Still, that A Tale of Mystery, Mayhem, and Manipulation in the Shadowy Market of the World s Most Expensive Fungus sparked my interest and i thought i d give it a go.I m glad i did because that tale is truly fascinating and Jacobs did a great job writing it up The truffle itself is fascinating, i kinda want to taste it now But the whole supply chain and the markets perhaps is even fascinating and there s i don t know how many crimes associated with it There s stealing truffles from the ground or from warehouses, there s shadowy chains of buyers and middlemen with ample opportunity for creative accounting, there s fake truffles, a lot of that, and mislabeling and there s even theft and poisoning of dogs that are good at finding truffles.There s a lot shadowy stuff going on in the world of the most of expensive fungus An excellent read.

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