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Monstress Book One Eisner Award Winner, Best Writer Eisner Award Winner, Best Painter Multimedia Artist Eisner Award Winner, Best Continuing Series Eisner Award Winner, Best Publication For Teens Eisner Award Winner, Best Cover Artist Harvey Award Winner, Book Of The Year Hugo Award Winner, Best Graphic Story British Fantasy Award Winner, Best Comic Graphic Novel Entertainment Weekly S The Best Comic Books Of The Year, Newsweek S Best Comic Books Of The Year, The Washington Post S Best Graphic Novels Of The Year, Barnes Noble S Best Books Of The Year, YALSA S Great Graphic Novels For Teens, Thrillist S Best Comics Graphic Novels Of The Year, Powell S Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, And Graphic Novels Of The YearThe Richly Imagined World Of MONSTRESS Is An Alternate Matriarchal S Asia, With An Art Deco Infused Steampunk Aesthetic That S Brimming With Arcane Dangers Within It, A Teenage Girl Struggles To Overcome The Trauma Of War, A Task That S Made All The Difficult By Her Mysterious Psychic Link To An Eldritch Monster Of Tremendous Power A Connection That Will Transform Them Both, And Place Them In The Crosshairs Of Both Human And Otherworldly PowersCreator Writer Marjorie Liu Who Made History As The First Woman To Win An Eisner Award For Best Writer And Creator Artist Sana Takeda Present A Deluxe, Oversized Hardcover Edition Of Their Beloved Breakout Comic In MONSTRESS BOOK ONE Collecting The First Issues Of The New York Times Bestselling Series, This Massive Edition Features A Striking New Cover, As Well As Special Extras, Including Never Before Seen Sketches, Script Pages, And For Over Pages Of Award Winning Content

New York Times bestselling and award winning writer Marjorie Liu is best known for her fiction and comic books She teaches comic book writing at MIT, and she leads a class on Popular Fiction at the Voices of Our Nation VONA workshop Ms Liu is a highly celebrated comic book writer Her extensive work with Marvel includes the bestselling Dark Wolverine series, NYX No Way Home, X 23, and Black

★ Monstress Book One  PDF / Epub ✪ Author Marjorie M. Liu –
  • Hardcover
  • 528 pages
  • Monstress Book One
  • Marjorie M. Liu
  • English
  • 07 January 2018
  • 9781534312326

10 thoughts on “Monstress Book One

  1. Pop Bop says:

    A Monster sized Volume Monstress is one of the most talked about and most awarded series of the last four years, and for good reason As the female centric response, of sorts, to phenoms like Game of Thrones , or, maybe even so, Wheel of Time , it is epic high fantasy at its finest And all of that makes this Book a special treat.The first eighteen issues of Monstress have been collected and published in three separate volumes But this book comprises all eighteen of those issues, which means you can start here and bring yourself completely into and up to date on the Monstress tale Starting with the Issue 19 that came out in January 2019 there s a new story arc out there, but this Book will give you a complete standalone understanding of the characters and the world that have caught readers attention.I d come across an issue of Monstress here and there, but never got into it because this isn t a series you can just drop in on, at least not for me Happily, this Book gives you the opportunity to start at the beginning and really immerse yourself in the Monstress world For what it s worth, in addition to a glossary at the end of the book, if you search Monstress Wiki you ll find a Fandom site that describes each character, the world background, and the overall plot and action of the series I read the first hundred pages of this Book, then went to Fandom to firm up my understanding of who was who and what was going on, and that approach was very rewarding.Anyway, once you get into it, this is a real page turner It s violent, the characters are merciless, the arcana is fascinating While there s a lot of content the action is fast paced and the plot just screams along There isn t much monologuing and almost no info dumps by the characters, which is why the Fandom site is helpful for people who don t like being in the dark or missing details You basically learn what you need to know or less when you need to know it, and the author always plays fair when it comes to doling out info As a bonus, every few chapters there s a two page lecture from a Cat Professor, which provides very useful deep background info And make no mistake, this is epic fantasy It s set in a big and layered world of magic and ancient power and witchcraft Lots of secrets and mysteries from the past inform the present, and ancient entities walk the lands Our heroine is young, with a complicated backstory, an uncertain future, an indeterminate quest, and lots of unresolved issues Much has been made of the fact that all of the important characters are women, but heroes are heroes and if they come with subtext, all the better Hey, there s a monstrous demon, a funny cat, at least five different races, and not one character wears a chain mail bikini On top of that the art is wonderful It s a bit art deco, but realistic Characters and big action scenes are often exaggerated for effect, but not in a cartoony or Pow , Wham , sort of way Lots of the big spreads could be framed and hung next to some Maxfield Parrish pieces, without looking at all out of place, and not just because both have a lot of girls on rocks There is great attention to detail in many of the interior scenes and the characters often look like they could just walk off the page This is great stuff So, hooray for this massive, loaded, and generous collection Monstrous Please note that I had a chance to read a free ecopy of this book without a review requirement, or any influence regarding review content should I choose to post a review Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book.

  2. Drew says:

    These books always caught my eye in the comic shop, and from time to time I would pick it up and flip through, admiring the art, thinking what is this Some kind of animal hybrid thing where people talk about stuff and the art is really cool I don t know how I managed to miss all of the violence and darkness in this book by flipping through individual issues This book is amazingly dark, combining elements of Lovecraftian gods, kaiju, bloody gruesome war, and yes, animal people This book collected the first 18 issues and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who thinks any of the above might be interesting The artwork is phenomenal, too, and really stands out among modern comics Once I got into this, I really liked it I haven t been so engrossed in a comic series in awhile.

  3. Sophie says:

    I wanted a wolf tail I wanted wolf claws and wolf teeth Do you remember what you said Little wolf, you have all those things They are safe within you, where no one can take them Sometimes, my darling, it s better to hide your teeth If this isn t the next big budget Hollywood fantasy hit, I ll eat my hat I don t wear hats, but P I was interested in this for a while, since the art is gorgeous and reminds me of Final Fantasy illustrations, and I wasn t disappointed in the slightest But the story is just as gorgeous, drawing on the author s experiences with her Chinese grandparents surviving war, but filtered through an eldritch, steampunk esque lens There s also LGBT rep, which is always great surprise, and a society that s matriarchal, instead of patriarchal Maika s experiences are painful and painfully relatable for anyone who feels monstrously other I can t wait to stay current on this series as it comes out My only critique would be the dense lore cast of characters that can get a bit confusing, but this is somewhat remedied with a glossary maps at the back.

  4. Michael says:

    This graphic novel series is the best while I was reading the bind up of volumes 1 3 I could not put it down I was at the edge of my seat I loved the characters, the world building, the antagonists, the plot twists and above all the monsters I wish I had volume 4 in my hands right now

  5. Laya White says:

    It s amazing I love that it s a matriarchy without all of the stereotypes people associate with that word I love the story and how it twists and turns and moves in ways you don t expect I love the cats, naturally I can t wait for Volume 4.

  6. Sara Q says:


  7. Brian S says:

    OVERALL RATING 5 stars 9 out of 10 Art 5 starsWriting Style Quality 5 starsPlot 4 starsPacing 4 starsCharacterization 4 starsWorld Building 5 stars

  8. Relstuart says:

    Very much enjoyed this one High fantasy with an engaging story and great art.

  9. Roxanna says:

    Best comic book I ve read until now Great story and amazing art I loved it Can t wait for book 2

  10. Mark says:

    DPL hoopla Previously read 1 6 and 7 12 This is 1 18 with to come.

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