Embracing the Looking-Glass (Dreaming of Wonderland, #2)

Embracing the Looking-Glass (Dreaming of Wonderland, #2) Returning To Wonderland Was Never Part Of The Plan, But Destiny Calls From Beyond The Looking Glass Kallie Bennett Thinks That She Has Left Wonderland Behind, As She Tries To Move On With Her Life, But Her Curiosity Continues To Stir, Luring Her Back There Luring Her Back To Ches, The Vampire Who Changed Everything For Her In Embracing The Looking Glass Book Two Of The Dreaming Of Wonderland Series, Kallie Quickly Realizes That Wonderland Is At War Queen Hartley Has Launched An Attack, But A Rebellion Is Forming Kallie Realizes That Her Return To Wonderland Has Become Something Than Chasing After The Unknown It S Her Destiny And It S Up To Her To Tap Into Her Inner Strength To Help Wonderland And Defend The Magical Community Before It Is Destroyed By Darkness Kallie Will Do Anything To Protect Ches, But At What Cost As Much As She Wants To Believe That True Love Can Conquer All, Sometimes There Is At Stake, But Is She Truly Ready To Sacrifice Any Chance At Leading A Normal Life How Far Would You Go For The One You Love

Amy Koto is a new author who has always been in love with reading and writing Fairy tales have always been her absolute favorite and she often found herself chasing her own version of the white rabbit, hoping to get lost in Wonderland with all of her favorite characters She is currently living in New York and enjoys blogging about her favorite television shows as TV Fanatic Girl with her dog and

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 300 pages
  • Embracing the Looking-Glass (Dreaming of Wonderland, #2)
  • Amy Koto
  • English
  • 11 August 2018

15 thoughts on “Embracing the Looking-Glass (Dreaming of Wonderland, #2)

  1. Amy Koto says:

    Returning to Wonderland was never part of the plan, but destiny calls from beyond the Looking GlassI am so beyond excited to announce that Embracing the Looking Glass Dreaming of Wonderland, 2 is now available for pre order The official release date is June 5th 2019 and we return to the story of Kallie and Ches.What can you expect in book two More twists and tur...

  2. Gina says:

    Good mix of fairytales.Book two is much better than the first A lot of the questions left unanswered are resolved in this book The most significant improvement is on character development They felt almost flat in the first book This book revealed background to all of the characters and explained some actions that seemed odd in the first book It does still feel like Kallie is of a passive participant in the story She seems to be waiting for other people to tell her what to do Even though book one was all about Kallie believing in herself, and her capability of becoming her own person, she still feels unsure of herself She spends too much time letting various characters drag her around She couldn t even wake up without the aid of another individual Great job on grammar and spelling on both books The author s hard work is evident in the lack of numerous errors that typically occur in Indie and self publishing.I did rece...

  3. Amy R. says:

    A worthy sequel even better than the first I am a fan of everything to do with Alice in Wonderland and I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction of some other fairy tales as well which really elevated this book for me The MC has grown so much and I felt like I was right along with her for this character transformation The sequel is fast paced and really allowed the readers to explore some backstory and the past of some of the other characters but it worked seamlessly It never felt forced or unnecessary I was pulled in to each revelation and there were so many twists and turns.The action scenes were really terrific and I almost felt like I was sucked into a world of chaos and magic I love it when a retelling can do something that transcends beyond the page and that s what Amy Koto did here I recognize the story and some familiar moments during both Alice s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass but the story took on a world o...

  4. Joey R. says:

    Fans of Buffy and Angel have just found their next obsession and that s a very good thing 4.5 5 stars leaning closer to 5 though I was already a fan of Amy Koto and her first work surprised me It really spoke to me and I had high hopes for book 2 and guess what..she didn t let me down Embracing the Looking Glass is EVEN BETTER than The Search for Alice I think that the story really captured its voice now and the introduction of new characters was enjoyable.Talk about finding one s destiny, Kallie is in for a lot now but she has grown so much as a main character and I admire her strength and courage Queen Hartley still remains my favorite character and I love that the author decided to spend some quality time devoted to her in book 2 as we got to learn about her past I thoroughly enjoy a villain you just want to submit to and Queen Hartley is that villain for me Dark, twisted, sexy, and evil It doesn t get much better than that...

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