The People of the Abyss

The People of the AbyssIn 1902, Jack London Purchased Some Secondhand Clothes And, Posing As A Stranded American Sailor, Set Out To Discover How The London Poor Lived His Research Makes Shocking Reading Moving Through The Slums As One Of The Poor Eating, Drinking, And Socializing With The Underclass Lining Up To Get Into A Flophouse, London Was Scandalized And Brutalized By The Experience Of Living Rough In Britain S Capital His Clear Eyed Reflections On The Iniquities Of Class Are A Shaming Testament To The Persistence Of Social Inequality In Modern Times.

Jack London was an American novelist, journalist, social activist and short story writer whose works deal romantically with elemental struggles for survival At his peak, he was the highest paid and the most popular of all living writers Because of early financial difficulties, he was largely self educated past grammar school.London drew heavily on his life experiences in his writing He spent ti

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10 thoughts on “The People of the Abyss

  1. Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    The People of the Abyss, Jack LondonThe People of the Abyss 1903 is a book by Jack London about life in the East End of London in 1902 He wrote this first hand account after living in the East End for several weeks, sometimes staying in workhouses or sleeping on the streets In his attempt to unders...

  2. Kathleen Fowler says:

    This is a remarkable classic, deserving of a place on the shelf right next to Orwell s Down and Out in Paris and London In fact, The People of the Abyss likely inspired Orwell to write his book, according to a biography I read If the reader can put aside the fact of London s strange ambivalence in matters of race, he is an impassioned and articulate spokesman for the underclasses His account of an extended foray into what he refers to as Darkest England, that is, London s East End, is riveting and horrifying This investigation, made in 1902, a time of relative prosperity for England as a whole, demonstrates that trickle down economics simply do not work Nor can charitable institutions be expected to right the wrongs of a dog eat dog economic system London s observations and conclusions are remarkably relevant to modern day...

  3. Dagio_maya says:

    Dice un proverbio cinese che, se c un uomo che vive nell ozio, vuol dire che ce n un altro che muore di fame Nel 1902 Jack London decide di togliersi gli abiti dello scrittore di successo e si cala fra la marmaglia del malfamato East End londinese Confondendosi tra disperati e vagabondi osserva una realt quotidiana straziante soprattutto perch dominata dall arrendevolezza con cui i poveri accettano un destino fatto di nulla Nessuna coscienza di classe, nessuna ribellione ma un adattamento passivo a ci che reputa...

  4. Oldroses says:

    What Jacob Riis did for New York City with his photos of tenements, Jack London did for London with his book, The People of the Abyss The abyss that he referred to was the squalid East End of London, where the poorest of the poor lived and died.All of the horrors are there, described not by a dispassionate historian keeping a professional distance in his reporting, but in eyewitness accounts of and interviews with people living in appalling conditions What I found most horrifying about this book is that so many things haven t changed since it was written at the turn of the last century His descriptions of homeless people forced by the police to literally walk all night due to a law which forbade sleeping in public places brought to mind the sweeps done in our own cities, forcing the homeless off the streets and out of our sight Healthcare was an issue then just as it is now Families were forced into poverty and sometimes starvation when the husband, the main breadwinner, was injured, became ill or died The majo...

  5. Ajeje Brazov says:

    Viaggio nell inferno della fame, dell indigenza, della povert assoluta, della degenerazione pi infima E Jack London, nel 1902, si mette nei panni di questi miserabili in prima persona e vagabonda per le strade dell East End, quartiere dove sono stati recluse le persone della classe inferiore , opposta al West End, quartiere dove vivono persone della classe superiore.Dopo di lui anche un altro grande scrittore, Jean Claude Izzo, si immedesim , alle soglie del 2000, vestendo i panni dei clochard e scrivendo Il sole dei nti.Due romanzi e due scrittori che a 100 anni di distanza raccontano della stessa situazione degradante, il primo nella Londra dell inizio 900 ed il secondo della Parigi di fine 1900 inizio 2000 Ma la situazione mi sembrata identica, allora mi chiedo Ma la civilt , il progresso, l evoluzione, sono questo , oppure C gente, quindi, di serie A e di serie B , oppure, infine, L egoismo la prima caratteristica dell essere umano In una civilt prettamente materialistica,...

  6. Oguz Akturk says:

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  7. Diane S ☔ says:

    For six weeks Jack London dresses and attempts to live like the poor on London s east side He quickly realizes that no matter how hard a man or woman works, the cards are stacked against them I m sure this had a greater impact when read during the time it was written, when bri...

  8. Aaron says:

    I find myself amazed and honestly a little depressed that a book published in 1903 about the poor of London can seem so relevant today There are familiar themes of a wealthy, booming society that does little to nothing to care for its indigent, while also passing laws and serving punishments seemingly built to purposefully propagate a cycle of destitution, that feel like they haven t changed a lick in 115 years.As a little background, Jack London the same one who wrote White Fang and many other classics , decided against everyone s advice to go undercover in the extremely poor East End of London to get a sense for daily life in the slum The result is this book, a non fiction account of what he saw there This could ve been exploitative or sensational, but London writes with such empathy and passion about the people he encounters in the East End that you can t help but see their troubles as human, and fear for them and their children, even all these years later.He uses his storytelling prowess to paint thorough pictures of the individuals and families he encounters, giving you a real sense for their lives as he sees them, as well as offering thoughts on why their lives are this way, and what a profitable society can do to improve the chances of its most poor It s simultaneously analytical, damning, an...

  9. LeeAnn Heringer says:

    I read this as a companion piece to Wolf , the recent biography of Jack London He was a lifelong socialist and this was a subject he was passionate about This was the dark underbelly of the gilted age And because of unions and the socialist party, we have minimum wage, social security, and welfare to provide a safety net for the kind of problems Jack London explores in this book.But I am a poor revolutionary and I think Jack London was too 100 years later, people are still being chewed up by the heavy machinery of industrialized capitalism We still haven t figured out how to provide meaningful employment to the weak and ...

  10. Daniel Villines says:

    My present political position in life is one that has evolved through time I was a young Republican in my early adult life and then began to observe how our first world society works and importantly, read about how it used to be Books such as The Jungle, Sister Carry, and Martin Eden defined for me the societal conditions that existed when the free market was allowed to shape society under near laissez faire conditions By looking at life as it is depicted in these books I was able to develop comparisons between then and now, and consider the reasons for the vast contrasts that have developed over the past hundred years The People of the Abyss is unique within this historical perspective in that it pushes the laissez faire extreme closer to the ideal Jack London tells of life in London where the vast majority of people, men, women, and children, are treated as a cheap commodity used for the lowest wages possible and then discarded when their labor can be replaced for a vigorous person or for even lower wages The commodity is housed in pits that are filled to maximum capacity in order to maximize rents and is fed with food intended to sustain life ...

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