ÁllatvanbentThis Cahier Is The Result Of A Collaboration Undertaken Specially For The Cahiers Series, Between Hungarian Novelist L Szl Krasznahorkai And German Painter Max Neumann Krasznahorkai, Author Of The Melancholy Of Resistance And War War, Responds With 14 Texts To 14 Depictions Of A Strange And Ill Formed Creature Made By The Renowned German Painter Max Neumann The Texts Speak From Within The Head Of Neumann S Creature That Seems To Be Menacing Existence Itself The Cahier Is Prefaced By Novelist Colm T Ib N.

L szl Krasznahorkai is a Hungarian novelist and screenwriter who is known for critically difficult and demanding novels, often labelled as postmodern, with dystopian and bleak melancholic themes He is probably best known through the oeuvre of the director B la Tarr, who has collaborated with him on several movies He is also the 2015 Man Booker International Prize Winner.

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  • Paperback
  • 40 pages
  • Állatvanbent
  • László Krasznahorkai
  • English
  • 06 September 2017
  • 9780956509215

10 thoughts on “Állatvanbent

  1. Greg says:

    First, this book smells great I don t know if it s the ink used in the beautiful and textured illustrations or one of the three types of paper used but something smells wonderful I don t usually go around sniffing books ok, sometimes I sniff the books I m reading, there are some very nice smelling books out there from fancy smells like this book has to comforting dusty and moldering smells in old books , but the smells of this book jump right out when you open up the pages In my hopes to be ignored at work and left to do my job with no further expectations because I have no further expectations from the company so I m looking to set up a relationship based on mutual expectations, maybe if I m offered even the possibility of a cost of living raise in the future I ll reconsider my attitude I only present books to our daily show and tell sessions with inane comments like this book smells good That is how I presented this book after I gave some mumbled praise for the author s two earlier works that have been translated into English Since I m not paid to read on the job I think observations of the olfactory qualities of books are perfectly acceptable.I m sure you, the goodreads.com ers, want something from me than the observation that this book smells good Well, guess what The book reads good, too Oh, and it s a stunning to look at This is a great ...

  2. M. Sarki says:

    know I generally love this guy Krasznahorkai But this book, not so hot It was OK, but still, I was disappointed I ll tell you why There are collaborations, and then some Often they work, and often they do not I am a large fan of L szl Krasznahorkai and his work with film maker B la Tarr I enjoyed his last novel War War This latest book, a collaborative effort, Animalinside, looks interesting enough, has a theme I enjoy visiting, but I feel the work is just of the same death drive literature that Samuel Beckett, Thomas Bernhard, and others have already done to perfection A little pretentious actually I almost wish he wouldn t have made it Max Neumann, the artist collaborator, meant nothing to me before reading this book and he means even less to me since owning some of his work on the pages of the book I just so happened to purchase I know about animals, I know where we come from I am not a creationist It is a beastly world we live in and then we ...

  3. Chad Post says:

    The whole Cahiers Series is brilliant and beautiful see for info , but this is something beyond ANIMALINSIDE is really a two author, two medium work It s made up of 14 short pieces by Laszlo Krasznahorkai, all written in response to paintings by Max Neumann To clarify, Krasznahorkai wrote the first piece after the first artwork, and his text inspired Neumann s other pieces And the text itself Holy Shit That s really all I can say I really liked Krasznahorkai s THE MELANCHOLY OF RESISTANCE and look forward to reading WAR WAR when there s time and peace , but this is something else Reading this is being the presence of a master Of a Beckett or a Kafka or a Joyce or a whomever floats your literary boat What s undeniable is that this is something special that manages to be universal and mysterious, pointed and metaphorical all at once.I m prone to hyperbole as Ed Nawotka likes to remind me when editing my articles , so I want to include a snippet although even that s a bit tricky, since most of these 14 pieces are each one long, meandering, subclause upon subclause, emotive gathering sentence each Or maybe a couple sentences But whatever Here s a bit that will give you a sense of the rhythm, the power of this Shut tight your gates, and plug up the cracks, put up the beams and bring out the barbed wire, and protect yourselves from all sides, but know that you lock up in vain, you plug in vain, y...

  4. Justin Evans says:

    Really Colm Toibin wrote the introduction Okay then You ll be glad to know that, according to the introduction, Laszlo writes sentences I think that s the take away No stars More importantly, this is certainly the only book I will ever read that left me wondering whether the speaker was between one and all of THE VOID, a kind of evil Krishna, a psychotic, a teenage boy trapped in the suburbs and really wanting to break free, a large dinosaur, DEEEEEAAAAATH, or my own pet dog when she s hungry What starts off as another reviewer has said as a kind of dullish, less entertaining Bernhard tale somehow ends up with the speaker demanding to be fed, and suddenly all the early I WILL COME AND THERE WILL BE NOTHING LEFT OF YOUR PUNY EXISTENCE stuff starts to sound like that crying whine that dogs do when they want to remind you they re there and would you please put the book down because feeding time is in only fifteen minutes I mean how will you get ready in time The question becomes, is this intentional Laszlo is often described as a kind of nihilist If that s true, this book is unintentionally funny If, however, he has nihilistic leanings and is aware of that fact, is wil...

  5. Nate D says:

    Vehement canine variations, all driven to pure stark absolutes Each entry in this slim volume was inspired by a collage by Max Neumann and is essentially a single winding sentence exploring a single claustro...

  6. David Auerbach says:

    For my own introduction to Krasznahorkai, see The Mythology of Laszlo Krasznahorkai Animalinside is a formal experiment for Hungarian author Krasznahorkai Krasznahorkai wrote a text to accompany a drawing by Max Neumann, and Neumann drew over a dozen in response, and Krasznahorkai wrote a short text for each one There s an obvious unity to it all the pictures all feature the usually black silhouette of some sort of feral animal poised to jump, and the texts are all about some sort of beast or beasts, usually written in the first person singular or plural The beast is angry, but helpless The beast rants about how he is beyond any constraint that can be put on him by thought or concept He is unique and beyond comparison It is impossible to confuse me with anyone else He is within you, caged in one picture, but he is struggling to break free And so another of Krasznahorkai s conceptual contradictions emerges the beast that is at once free beyond everything and yet trapped Is the beast railing at the infinite itself, the inadequacy...

  7. JK says:

    It is books like these that make me wish I had a power over words If I could only convey to you, you who are reading this, what beauty and terror is contained within these scant pages I would know such joy that I have never known But I can t I can t even convince you that while reading of this beauty and terror, you are reading about yourself Yourself and everyone Ah It s a d...

  8. Jasmine says:

    this is a very well done book It seems like a bit of a language game It s like he s walking around the phrase the animal inside and describing what it looks like from all angles, like an artist walking around a chair and redrawing it from va...

  9. Lily S. says:

    The hypnotic texts lull the reader into a state regression bringing out the most introceptive part of the self in a feeling of timelessness.

  10. Proustitute says:

    Yet another beautiful Cahier in the series by Sylph Editions Max Neumann is well known for his often eerie portraits that echo psychological states L szl _ Krasznahorkai is well known for his eerie, maddening, and Kafkaesque prose that delves into individuals relations to power structures and each other Responding first to an image of Neumann s depicting a terrifying yet incomprehensible animal, Krasznahorkai set the chain of collaboration that would become Animalinside into motion Neumann s resulting images from the first textual response are increasingly horrifying, and Krasznahorkai s prose follows this animal s story in his typical long sentences with repetitive rhythms and compact rhetorical ways of rendering diction, e.g., I extendextendextend around the Earth at the Equator and so so sooo big that I extend across two galaxies, if I want and soooo so big that extend across one hundred galaxies Animalinside is about annihilation and apocalypse, but it is harrowing than that in identifying our fears and anxieties about power, Krasznahorkai shows that those in positions of power harbor the same kinds of misgivings that we do In a sense, power entraps us in a very Foucauldian way, and to speak about power to paraphrase Foucault is only something that can be done from inside existing power structures Krasznahorkai s animal is inside us I, that thing that...

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