A Walk in the Sun

A Walk in the SunWith A Walk In The Sun, Harry Brown Tells An Understated Yet Gripping And Realistic Tale Of The Randomness And Impersonal Nature Of Combat In The Allied Landings At Salerno On The Italian Peninsula During World War II, A Fictional Platoon Loses Its Lieutenant And Senior Sergeant To Enemy Fire, Regroups Inland To Decide What To Do, And Soon Loses Its Next Senior NCO To Battle Fatigue This Short But Intense Novel Follows The Remaining Members Of The Platoon As They Attempt To Ascertain Their Mission And Carry It Out Based On The Only Guide They Have, A Map Found On The Lieutenant S Body The Day Unfolds From There As Simple As A Walk In The Sun, As Simple, Really, As War Sometimes Is Some Make It, Some Don T, And Those Who Don T Aren T Always Dead Brown S Spare Narration Echoes The Gritty Realities His Characters Face And Provides An Unflinching Portrayal Of The Uncertainty Of War.

Harry Peter McNab Brown, Jr was an American poet, novelist and screenwriter.Born in Portland, Maine, he was educated at Harvard University.Brown dropped out of Harvard after his sopho year to write poetry, work at Time magazine, and contributed to and became a sub editor of The New Yorker.Charles Scribner s Sons, of New York, published, in 1941, Brown s sustained unified poem, The Poem of Bun

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  • Paperback
  • 187 pages
  • A Walk in the Sun
  • Harry Brown
  • English
  • 03 September 2019
  • 9780803261488

10 thoughts on “A Walk in the Sun

  1. Eric_W says:

    This book was originally written in 1944 and describes in vivid imagery the life of an army platoon during the first few hours following their landing on a beach in Italy Their objective is simple reach an isolated farmhouse near a bridge and guard that bridge Ill luck dogs their path from the moment they get on the landing craft First their new lieutenant is killed by a stra...

  2. Bonnie says:

    This was the other book for July book group I only got it the night before book group, and read it the same night, but for a military book, I actually enjoyed it a lot The author really focused on making the men seem like well rounded characters, and didn t pull back from painting an honest, unglamorous representation...

  3. Peter Bridgford says:

    A Walk in the Sun is a realistic look at warfare That is not to say it is graphic or violent, although there are always those elements in war This book feels as if it was written by and about the grunts on the ground in WWII In this way, the war is less about the big picture we sometimes get caught up on in movies and epic books sweeping movements of units in a choreographed campaign and about a group of men who find themselves together in the middle of enemy territory with a job to do and not much intel on what or where In the end, it is the collection of men who are herded toward the objective without really caring about it than they need to And, when you have a bunch of human beings gathered together in a life or death situations, it is the mundane which comes out This book creates the perfect collection of silly stories and stupid small talk that soldiers must share while they wait for the next order into action The book reads quickly, but there are some in depth insights in...

  4. Cameron says:

    This is the story of an infantry platoon landing in Italy in 1943 The platoon is charged with capturing a bridge and a farmhouse, but just as they reach shore their lieutenant is killed and their lead sergeant is wounded The third in command soon suffers a nervous breakdown, leaving the command to an inexperienced corporal The story is told through the eyes of various men in the unit and includes ongoing humorous dialogue between Rivera, a machine gunner from Brooklyn, and his ammo man, Jake Friedman, from Hoboken The platoon encounters Germans and ends up losing a number of men, and the story ends with a heroic charge on the farmhouse, through grenades and a hail of bullets.The book was published in 1945 when the author, Harry Brown, was just out of the service, and went immediately to Hollywood, where it became a successful film Brown himself never saw action in WW...

  5. Kristin says:

    I have a thing for war books This one was different than others I ve read because the whole thing takes place in the course of a day There are a lot of characters in this book At first they seem to jumble together in your mind, but eventually, a few really stand out and you want to know about them.

  6. John says:

    A classic A wonderful little novella that tells the story of a U.S Army platoon from landing on an Italian beach until they reach their objective, a farm a few miles in land Nothing heroic, just regular soldiers trying to get their assignment done Follow the situat...

  7. Barfoo says:

    Too soon to go over 3 stars star ratings overallhow do I feel 1944 publication date it got past the censures how I know lit did not necessarily go through the same is it good for morale war bond sales vetting ...

  8. Sandy May says:

    I liked it, but it was hard to get into It introduced too many characters too quickly, and switched between them so fast that I couldn t keep track of them all Then half of them ended up dying anyway It was a good short read, but I wasn t blown away by it.

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